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Retouching Labs is a virtual staging service provider company offering professional real estate virtual staging services. We transform listings by turning empty rooms into beautiful, stylish, digitally staged spaces. So, order virtual home staging solutions for realistic and affordable services with fast turnaround and unlimited revisions.

Virtual Staging Services Retouching Labs Provide

Retouching Labs offer virtual furniture staging services to help potential buyers visualize their homes like traditional staging. However, traditional staging costs thousands of dollars, while our virtual staging services are a fraction of the cost. So, get our virtual home staging services to spark the interest of your buyers at a low price! Moreover, virtual staging is a crucial part of our Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Retouching Labs Offers the Following Real Estate Virtual Staging Services:

Virtual Staging

Retouching Labs offers virtual staging for real estate businesses. Our experts digitally place interior and exterior furniture in your photos. 

For example, living rooms need couches, bedrooms need beds, and home offices need desks. On the other hand, exterior areas need pools, outdoor furniture, and more. Retouching Labs offers all these digital staging services to help turn your unoccupied space into a desirable location.

Virtual Staging Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers the Following Digital Staging Solutions

  • Day to Dusk
  • Change Landscaping
  • Add Furniture and Decor
  • Remove Items and Add Furniture and Decor
  • Change Exterior Wall, Trim, and Door Color
  • Change Interior Walls, Floors, Cabinets, Ceilings, and More
Before After Before Real Estate Virtual Staging ServicesAfter Real Estate Virtual Staging Services

Bulk Virtual Staging

Retouching Labs offers Bulk Virtual Staging Services to help customers visualize their home or property while it is fully furnished. We are a real estate photo editing company offering bulk services for large realtors and businesses. 

Virtual Staging Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers Digital Staging for the Following

  • Kitchen
  • Sunroom
  • Bedroom
  • Outdoors
  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Living Area
  • Dining Room
  • Home Office
Before After A Room Before Furniture Photo EditingA Room After Furniture Photo Editing

Virtual Renovation Staging

Retouching Labs helps to visualize how a property will look in the future with virtual renovation staging services. Thus, you can help buyers visualize their dream home with virtual renovation and remodeling

Virtual Staging Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers the Following as Part of our Virtual Renovation Staging:

  • Change Floor
  • Add Deck/Pool
  • Change Ceiling
  • Change Wall Color
  • Virtual Kitchen Remodel
  • Virtual Bathroom Remodel
  • Virtual Landscaping (Add Plants/Foliage)
  • Add Fixtures to Doors, Windows,  and Fireplaces
Before After Before Real Estate Virtual Staging ServicesAfter Real Estate Virtual Staging Services

Commercial Virtual Staging

Retouching Labs offers commercial virtual staging services so you can help your buyers visualize their business setup. Our experts set up a comfy and efficient virtual environment that makes the commercial space more attractive to business owners. 

Furthermore, we help turn empty office spaces into vibrant, fully functioning workspaces. So, you can choose from an array of styles which are described below. 

Virtual Staging Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers

  • Commercial Office Virtual Staging
  • Commercial Non-Office Virtual Staging
  • Glam Commercial Virtual Staging
  • Modern Commercial Virtual Staging
  • Industrial Commercial Virtual Staging
Before After A Room Before Furniture Photo EditingA Room After Furniture Photo Editing

360° Virtual Staging

The experts at Retouching Labs virtually stage your 360° photographs to create an immersive presentation of your property/home. We furnish your property based on your home’s character. Thus, your 360° image will showcase the best aspects of your property. 

Virtual Staging Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers the Following

  • 3D Virtual Staging
  • 360° Virtual Furniture Staging
  • 360° Virtual Staging Services for Real Estate
Before After Before Real Estate Virtual Staging ServicesAfter Real Estate Virtual Staging Services

Virtual Staging Design Styles Offered By Retouching Labs

Some design and furniture styles are more popular than others. Select from the ones below that suit your listing. 

The experts at Retouching Labs offer many furniture styles and designs for your property, including

  • Glam Furniture Style
  • Rustic Furniture Style
  • Modern Furniture Style
  • Coastal Furniture Style
  • Industrial Furniture Style
  • Traditional Furniture Style
  • Farmhouse Furniture Style
  • Transitional Furniture Style
  • Scandinavian Furniture Style
  • Contemporary Furniture Style
  • Urban Industrial Furniture Style
  • Mid-Century Modern Furniture Style

Photography Tips for the Best Home Virtual Staging

Good real estate photographs are essential for the best virtual staging experience. We can only make a photo good to a limit, so professional pictures are helpful. 

So, whether your property is empty or occupied, you must take good photos representing the home’s soul.  

Essential Photography Tips from Our Experts:

  • Shoot During Daytime
  • Build Your Brand’s Value
  • Clean And Declutter The Space
  • Turn On All The Lights In The Room
  • Don’t Use Too Wide Of A Camera Lens
  • Be Mindful Of The Angles Of The Camera
  • Capture As Much Of The Room As Possible
  • Click Photos In Horizontal Landscape Mode

How Retouching Labs Works

Easily submit your photos, write your desired requirements, and we will take care of the rest.


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    Why Retouching Labs' Professional Virtual Staging Services?

    Standing out in an ocean of empty home listings is challenging. Retouching Labs offers virtual staging to turn the dull rooms of your listing into dream properties. As a result, you will get more views, attention, and leads. 

    Get the following benefits of choosing Retouching Labs as your professional virtual staging partner

    • Get higher sales prices with premium-looking interiors.
    • Sell properties faster with professional virtual staging services.
    • Get a variety of design options for designing the perfect home.
    • We offer cost-effective virtual staging stages to give you a competitive edge. 
    • Increase listing appeal by having multiple interior designs (modern, classic, etc.)

    Virtual Staging Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Real Estate Virtual Staging Services. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert at Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    Virtual staging is a type of digital home staging where an interior design is created digitally. It is a powerful real estate marketing tool used to stage a home using photo editing software virtually. The result of real estate virtual staging is highly realistic images that work to attract buyers. 

    During virtual home staging, the editor creates interiors in specific styles as requested by the client. For example, you can digitally add and edit: 

    • Colors
    • Lighting
    • Furniture
    • Accessories

    Virtual staging is popular among real estate brokers, interior designers, and photographers. Why? Because the broker can furnish an empty house virtually without buying physical items like furniture, lighting, and accessories. Thus, real estate virtual staging is more cost-effective for realtors.

    Furthermore, prospective buyers can visualize the space better and imagine living there. Thus, Retouching Labs offers virtual home staging services across the USA, Australia, the U.K., Canada, the EU, and more!

    There is one primary reason for getting virtual home staging services: cost. 

    Staging a traditional property with authentic furniture, lighting, accessories, repairs, and renovation can cost thousands of dollars ($2000-$5000). 

    On the other hand, virtual staging costs a fraction of that, less than $200 per room. Furthermore, virtual staging is quicker than traditional staging. 

    Another significant advantage of virtual staging is the option of showcasing a space with different styles to suit the potential client’s taste. As a result, you can appeal to a larger audience with the same property.

    90% of property or home buyers first check online when buying a property. So, your listing must stand out. In that case, virtual home staging can help you make an outstanding impression. 

    Here is a stat: Staged homes sell 88% faster (and for 20% more) – 

    So, virtual staging is crucial to any real estate agent’s strategy.

    Virtual staging can help a buyer connect with a property/home. So, the chances of a sale are improved as the buyer can easily imagine making the property their home.

    Yes, you can! Retouching Labs offers various options for popular design styles. For example, you can choose from the following styles:

    • Glam
    • Modern
    • Coastal
    • Industrial
    • Traditional
    • Farmhouse
    • Contemporary
    • Scandinavian

    Need help choosing your design? The expert designers at Retouching Labs will help you select the design style best suited to your unique property.

    Absolutely. The experts at Retouching Labs will choose the most appropriate photos for real estate virtual staging.

    We recommend empty photos (just the room) for digital staging, as we can match the design style for a better appeal.

    However, you can relax if the property photos are not empty. Retouching Labs offer “Object Removal” and “Occupied to Vacant” services to declutter photos. Then, we can virtually stage them. Do note that we charge more for decluttering.

    If you have a floor plan, it will be helpful. However, it is optional for our digital home staging services.

    Yes. The experts at Retouching Labs can virtually stage home exteriors by adding decks, patios, porches, poolsides, and gazebos. Furthermore, they can also stage the building’s landscaping and exterior.

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