Cookies Policy

What are Cookies, and What Does This Policy Cover?

This page describes the types of cookies and other technologies used by Retouching Labs.

Cookies are text files containing small pieces of data installed in the browser that assist Retouching Labs in offering their Services. Some of the uses for which Cookies are installed may require the User’s agreement.

The User can withdraw consent for the installation of Cookies at any time following the instructions described in this document.

See the Privacy Policy to learn how Retouching Labs protect the User’s privacy when using cookies and other personal information.

Actions Strictly Required for the Functioning of this Website

We use Cookies to save the User’s browsing session and perform other activities that are strictly necessary for the work of this Website, for example, understanding the distribution of traffic.

Actions Concerning the Saving of Preferences and Statistics

We use Cookies to save the User’s browsing preferences and to optimize the User’s experience. These are the Cookies used to set the currency choice or to manage first-party statistics employed directly by Retouching Labs. 

      • Session cookies – Deleted from the User’s device when they close the web browser – PHPSESSID, lang_id, lang_code.

      • Persistent cookies – Stored on the User’s device until deleted or it reaches its expiration date. 

    Some of the services documented below collect statistics in an anonymized and aggregated method. They may not require the User’s explicit agreement or be managed directly by Retouching Labs. 

    Any third-party operated services presented below may track the User’s browsing behavior without the knowledge of Retouching Labs. Please refer to the specific Privacy Policy of the services below for detailed information.

    Spam Protection

    A spam protection service studies this Website’s traffic, potentially including Users’ Personal Data. Their purpose is to filter the traffic, content, messages, comments, and feedback recognized as spam.

    Google reCAPTCHA (Google Inc.)

    Google reCAPTCHA is a SPAM protection service delivered by Google Inc. The use of reCAPTCHA is subject to Google’s terms of use and privacy policy.

    Personal Data Collected

        • Usage Data

        • Cookies

      Place of Processing: United States. Privacy Shield Participant.


      The services described in this section allow the Owner to locate and analyze web traffic to keep track of User habits on the Website.

      Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking (Meta, Inc.)

      Facebook Ads conversion tracking is a web analytics system offered by Meta, Inc. that connects data from the Facebook (Meta) advertising network with actions performed on Retouching Labs.

      Personal Data Collected

          • Usage Data

          • Cookies

        Place of Processing: United States. Privacy Shield Participant.

        Know More about Meta Cookies Policy.

        Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (Google Inc.)

        Google Analytics and Tag Manager are web analysis systems provided by Google Inc. They use the data gathered to track and study this Website’s use. Google prepares reports on this Website’s activities and shares them with other Google services.

        Google may use the collected data and information to contextualize and personalize its own ads.

        Personal Data Collected

            • Usage Data

            • Cookies

          Place of Processing: United States. Can Opt Out. Privacy Shield Participant.

          Know More about Google Cookies Policy.

          To Disable Google Analytics from Collecting Cookies Data, visit Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

          How to Provide or Withdraw Agreement to the Installation and Use of Cookies?

          In addition to the information in the Cookies Policy of Retouching Labs, the User can manage Cookies preferences from their own browser. For example, the User can stop third parties from installing Cookies.

          The User can remove Cookies installed previously by changing browser preferences. In addition, Cookies saved in the past without consent can be removed by the User. 

          Users can manage Cookies installed by third parties using the following methods:

              • Clicking the related opt-out link (if provided).

              • By using the instructions provided in the third party’s privacy policy.

              • If all else fails, the User should contact the third party.

            Besides the above information, Users may follow the details provided on the initiatives by the EDAA (EU), the Digital Advertising Alliance (US), the Network Advertising Initiative (US), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Japan) or other similar services. Such enterprises allow Users to choose their tracking preferences for most major advertising tools. Retouching Labs thus advises that Users take advantage of these resources in addition to the data provided in this post.

            Installing third-party Cookies and Retouching Labs cannot technically regulate other browser tracking systems through the services used inside this Website. Any specific mention of Cookies and tracking systems installed on the User’s browser by third parties are to be considered indicative. The User is requested to check the privacy policy for the respective third-party services to obtain complete information.

            Given the objective complexity regarding the identification of technologies based on Cookies, Users are requested to contact Retouching Labs should they want further information on how we use Cookies.

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