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Remove your image background with high-quality and reliable BG (background) removal services. Get Professional Image Background Removal Service from Retouching Labs to increase the attraction of your images to get more views, leads, and sales.

Photo Background Removal Services Retouching Labs Provide

Looking to improve your photographs with background removal / editing? You’re in the right place! We are a photo background removal service provider company offering various bg removal services. We perform color adjustments, masking, retouching, and more while removing the background! So, check out the types of background services Retouching Labs offers:

  • Background Removal
  • Background Extension
  • Background Replacement
  • Blur Background
  • Merge Background
  • Background Retouching
  • Replace Background With Colored Backdrop​
  • Background Object Removal
  • Background Color Correction
  • Shadow Creation After Background Removal
  • Easy Photo Background Removal
  • Medium Photo Background Removal
  • Advanced Photo Background Removal

Background Removal

Background removal services cut out unwanted image backgrounds. Ad agencies, fashion brands, and eCommerce retailers all require BG removal to help make their products / models look attractive. Retouching Labs offers photo background cutout services to flawlessly cutout your backdrops.

Photo Background Removal Service Provider Company Retouching Labs performs the following background removals:

  • Custom Backdrop Background Removal
  • Hairy or Furry Background Removal
  • Complex Background Removal
  • Shaded Background Removal
  • White Background Removal
Before After A Bicycle Before Background Removal ServicesA Bicycle After Background Removal Services

Background Replacement

Background replacement, also known as background swap, is the process of cutting out the photo’s background and replacing it with a more suitable backdrop. It helps make the background more interesting and appealing to viewers. So, we perform bg removal and then replacement.

Photo Background Removal Service Provider Company Retouching Labs offers Photo Background Replacement, including: 

  • Patterned Backgrounds
  • Texture Backgrounds
  • 3D Backgrounds
  • Surface Backgrounds
  • Color Backgrounds
Before After Before - Background Replacement ServicesAfter- Background Replacement Services

Background Extension

Do you like your current background but wish it covered more of the sky, scenery, or background in your image? That is what Background Extension is for!

Retouching Labs offers Background Extension Services to help your image background cover more areas. Our experts make the extension look like a natural part of your original image.

Photo Background Removal Service Provider Company Retouching Labs offer the following:

  • Background Enlargement
  • Image Enlargement
Before After Before - Background Extension ServiceAfter - Background Extension Service

Blur Background

Photos of models, events, and landscapes often have distracting background elements. Instead of removing them, sometimes it’s best to blur the background, bringing the main subject / product in focus with the necessary depth of field. 

Retouching Labs is a Photo Background Removal Service Provider Company with many years of experience in blurring backgrounds.

Get the following background blurring services from a top Photo Background Removal Service Provider Company:

  • Bokeh Effect
  • Image Background Blurring
  • Video Background Blurring
Before After Before - Blur Background ServicesAfter - Blur Background Services

Merge Background

Background Merging, also known as Background Blending, is the process of merging several backgrounds into one photo. Blending the backgrounds gives the final photo a realistic and compelling look. 

Retouching Labs helps businesses merge and blend separate backgrounds with perfect composition for flawless results.

Get the following background merging services including:

  • HDR Photo Background Blending (Exposure Blending)
  • Focus Stacking (Focus Blending)
  • Mask Blending
Before After Before - Merge Background ServicesAfter- Merge Background Services

Background Retouching

Background retouching services are related to background removal. Also known as background cleaning, this service cleans up the background of old or damaged photos. 

Retouching Labs offers image background retouching services to help ensure your backgrounds are clean and sharp.

We do that by: 

  • Removing Background Stains
  • Fixing Background Discoloration
  • Background Color Correction
Before After A Woman Before Background Retouching ServicesA Woman After Background Retouching Services

Replace Background With Colored Backdrop

Is your image background not in the color you want? Then, changing the color is easy with background replacement! Having an appealing background color helps bring your image in focus. 

Retouching Labs offers extensive background color-changing services after bg removal.

Get help with various color alterations, including:

  • Making Background Black
  • Making Background White
  • Custom Background Colors
Before After A Man Before Changing Background Color ServiceA Man After Changing Background Color Service

Background Object Removal

Have unwanted objects / props in your photo background? Photos with bad-looking objects can ruin the experience for viewers. So, object removal services help by selectively removing unwanted objects. 

Retouching Labs offers prop removal services to cut out unwanted objects from the image’s background.

Get the following object removal services from your background: 

  • Prop Removal
  • Person Removal
  • Watermark Removal
  • Logo Removal
  • Text Removal
Before After Before Background Object Removal ServiceAfter Background Object Removal Service

Background Color Correction

Have a product photo with an undesired background? We can remove it! However, the image may still not be perfect if the photographer couldn’t capture the product’s real colors. That is where color correction comes in. 

The experts at Retouching Labs apply advanced color correction techniques to help your image pop. We adjust the white balance, exposure, and contrast to represent your photos in the best light.

Get the following color correction services including:

  • Fix Lighting, Exposure, Contrast, and White balance
  • Ensure Consistent Color for a Batch of Images
  • Correcting & Enhancing Colors
  • Fix ISO noise & Other Kinks
  • Restore Image Color
Before After Before Background Color Correction ServicesAfter Background Color Correction Services

Shadow Creation After Background Removal

Want to make your product photos more realistic? Then, add background shadows! Shadows help your products look well-defined by highlighting the edges and giving them a natural look. 

Retouching Labs help you isolate your background and bg removal. Then, we add appropriate shadows to make your photo look natural and give a 3D effect. As a result, your photos have a sense of space and realism to attract customers.

Get the following shadows added to your images: 

  • Original Shadow 
  • Drop Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Gradient Shadow
Before After Before Background Removal and Shadow Creation ServicesShadow Creation After Background Removal Services

Easy Photo Background Removal

Easy Photo Background Removal is the 1st stage of Retouching Labs background removal service. It is suitable for eCommerce retailers showcasing their products on their websites.

Easy Image Background Removal is for photos with:

  • One or No Holes
  • Simple Object
  • One Object
  • Solid Body
  • Straight Curves

Examples of easy photo background removal include books, smartphones, balls, plates, and eggs. Retouching Labs offers affordable prices for easy BG removal in bulk quantities.

Before After An Umbrella Before Easy Photo Background Removal ServicesAn Umbrella After Easy Photo Background Removal Services

Medium Photo Background Removal

Medium Photo Background Removal is the 2nd stage of Retouching Labs background removal service. It is most suitable for images with groups of objects like watches and other curved objects.

Medium Image Background Removal is for photos with:

  • More Detailed / Complex Shapes
  • Many Anchor Points
  • Curved Objects
  • Multiple Holes
  • Multiple Paths

Examples of medium photo background removal include groups of watches, bracelets, rings, food, and motor parts. Work with a leading Photo Background Removal Service Provider Company, Retouching Labs, for flawless BG removal.

Before After A Bag Before Medium Photo Background Removal ServicesA Bag After Medium Photo Background Removal Services

Advanced Photo Background Removal

Advanced Photo Background Removal is for the most complex image types. It is suitable for highly precise background removals of complex shapes with fine details.

Advanced Image Background Removal is for photos with:

  • Many Compound Objects in Image
  • Lots of Holes and Anchor Points
  • Numerous Curves in Object
  • Complex Image Masking
  • Complex Clipping Path
  • Invisible Mannequin
  • Multiple Paths

Examples of advanced photo background removal include complex curved shaped product images like groups of furniture, people, bottles, and fabrics. 

Before After A Plant Before Advanced Photo Background Removal ServicesA Plant After Advanced Photo Background Removal Services

Product Photo Background Removal

Photo background removal is used to showcase products professionally or when the object needs to be manipulated or composited into another image.

Remove photo background of your products with Retouching Labs, including:

  • Clothing / Apparel Image Background Removal
  • Background Removal for eCommerce Product
  • White Background for Product Images
  • Amazon or eBay Product Image BG Removal
Before After A T-Shirt Before Product Photo Background Removal ServiceA T-Shirt After Product Photo Background Removal Service

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    Why Retouching Labs' Professional Background Removal Services?

    Retouching Labs has many years of experience providing efficient background removal services. We help ad agencies, eCommerce stores, and photographers make their images professional and eye-catchy by adding a suitable background. Photo editing experts at Retouching Labs provide Professional Background Removal Services with quick turnaround times and high-quality image background removal. Also, you can benefit from plans to cater to emergencies with super-fast delivery.

    For the following reason, you can choose Retouching Labs for your background removal partner:

    • One Place for All Photo Editing Services
    • Scope to Build A Long-term Relationship
    • Globally Recognized Service Provider
    • Project-based Experienced Experts
    • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Trustworthy and Transparent
    • Heart Contentment Output
    • You Can Apply Your Ideas
    • 24/7 Support Available
    • Multiple Customization
    • Proven Track Record
    • On-time Delivery
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    Outsource Photo Editing Services & Save Your Precious Time

    At Retouching Labs, many experienced graphic artists are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the highest quality photo post-processing work within a committed time. Save the hassle of the complex image retouching process by outsourcing photo editing services to Retouching Labs and spend more time on what you love to do. Taking stunning photographs or promoting your business. Explore our wide range of specialized photo editing services for companies, freelance photographers and the rest.

    How Retouching Labs Removes Image Background?

    Background Removal is done using two distinct techniques. The clipping path and image masking. Read on to understand these methods and which is suitable when.

    Clipping Path

    The clipping path is selected using Photoshop’s pen tool. In it, an object is selected by creating paths to form a closed shape. Everything inside the path is selected, leaving the rest unselected and ready for removal.

    The clipping path is suitable for objects with hard and smooth edges, like chairs, boxes, and tables.

    Retouching Labs applies two types of clipping paths based on complexity:

    • Single-Layer Clipping Path – Simple Layer to Remove or Change Background
    • Multi-Clipping Path – Extract Multiple Parts of the Image for Color Correction
    Before After A Handbag Before Background Removal With Clipping Path ServicesA Handbag After Background Removal With Clipping Path Services

    Basic Shape Background Removal

    Retouching Labs offers remove photo background service for basic shapes including:

    • Few Anchor Points Without Holes
    • Round, Straight, Curved, Rectangular Images 
    • Example: Books, Balls, Plates, Eggs, and Mobiles.

    Medium Shape Background Removal

    Retouching Labs offers remove image background service for medium shapes including:

    • Few Anchor Points, Curves, and Holes
    • Requires Many Paths
    • Example: Earrings, Clothes, Footwear, and Watches.

    Complex Shape Background Removal

    Retouching Labs offers remove photo background service for complex shapes including:

    • Many Curves, Anchor Points, and Holes.
    • Photos with Critical Diagonal-shaped Products
    • Example: Jewelry, Gates, Group-Photos, Trees, and Fabrics.

    Image Masking

    Image masking is another background removal method suitable for objects with soft and rough edges. It is a non-destructive way of adjusting images with complex lines, like hair and fur.

    Image masking gives the editor more control over the adjustments made. Thus, the final background removal looks natural.

    The experts at Retouching Labs use many tools and techniques for image masking, including:

    • Color Separation Technique
    • Alpha Channel Masking
    • Background Eraser Tool
    • Transparent Masking
    • Translucent Masking
    • Magic Eraser Tool
    Before After A Scenery Before - Image Masking ServicesA Scenery After - Image Masking Services

    Background Removal by Photoshop Masking

    Photoshop masking is suitable for soft-edged images or small-pixel photos. For example:

    • Furry Doll Fabrics
    • Furry Object
    • Animals
    • Hair

    Background Removal for Transparent Object

    Remove the background from your transparent object easily with photoshop masking. For example:

    • Muslin Fabrics
    • Glass Bottles
    • Sunglasses
    • Glass

    What Retouching Labs Do In Photo Background Removal?

    Background removal means eliminating an unwanted object from its backdrop. Our photo editing services help to remove any unwanted object from its BG (background). Photo Background Removal enhances photo appearance. Sometimes, there are undesired objects in a picture that you don’t want to show. Removing a photo background gives the image a professional look. It isn’t easy to click a perfect photo with the ideal background. So, Retouching Labs offers photo background removing service to erase the background easily.

    Edit a Subject Matter and Context Separately

    Even professionally shot photographs can have poor lighting and shadows. To solve this, you need to add depth-of-field to the subject matter artificially. Background removal specialists at Retouching Labs isolate your subject matter from its background so we can edit the subject and context separately.

    Remove an Inadequate Subject

    Photo background removal also works in reverse. Photo editing experts at Retouching Labs can remove a small part of your photo, leaving the rest behind. For example, we can remove a wandering tourist from your scenic shot. Or erase a stray object from your otherwise perfect backdrop. Also, add missing elements to your photo.

    Remove the Shadow from Photos

    Have you ever been disappointed with a photo because of the unwanted shadow? Unwanted shadows are a problem during bad lighting conditions during outdoor and indoor photography. We provide professional shadow removal services from the face, body, white, or any color background.

    Isolate an Object From an Unwanted Background

    Unwanted object removal makes the image perfect. Taking a perfect shot is never easy, especially in a crowded area. So, Retouching Labs help isolate your main object(s) from the unwanted background. We deliver your photo on a transparent background for simple use.

    Why Choose Retouching Labs for Photo Background Removal Services?

    Retouching Labs guarantees 100% Quality Assurance (QA) for all our Photo Background Removal Services. You can expect many benefits from our retouching experts, including:

    Production QA

    Retouching Labs photo editing services are constantly monitored by a QA Supervisor, who ensures the editing task follows customer requirements. The result is the right image on the first try.

    Post Production QA

    After the editing is complete, Retouching Labs Post Production QA Manager goes through the edits, ensures the quality per client requirements, and performs corrective edits.

    Pre-Delivery QA

    After the Post Production QA Team completes the photo editing workflow, Retouching Labs Production Manager works to ensure the quality before delivery.

    Pen Tablet

    Retouching Labs experts provide high-end retouching services with the help of a pen tablet, which makes the editing more professional and precise.

    Who Needs Professional Background Removal?

    Background Removal helps anyone working with photographs. It is essential for people that need professional headshots, product images, and more, including:

    • News, Marketing, and Ad Agencies
    • Professional Photographers
    • Real Estate Businesses
    • Interactive Agencies
    • eCommerce Stores
    • Online Retailers
    • Fashion Houses
    • Photo Studios
    • Individuals

    Retouching Labs is a Photo Background Removal Service Provider Company helping businesses remove background from an image. The professional background removal experts at Retouching Labs use clipping path and image masking for top-notch results.

    Background Removal for Fashion Industry Photos

    The online/offline fashion industry benefits from professional background removal services. The experts at Retouching Labs edit your model photos, including:

    • Background Removal / Replacement
    • Borders Fixing, Resizing, and Cropping
    • Natural, Drop, and Reflection Shadow Creation
    • Dust Clean Up
    • Spot / Wrinkle Removal
    • Ghost Mannequin / Clothes Smoothening
    • Color Adjustment / Correction
    Before After Before Background Removal Service for Fashion IndustryAfter Background Removal Service for Fashion Industry

    Background Removal for Apparel / Clothing Stores

    Make your apparel photos look amazing in 3D with a combination of ghost mannequin and background removal services.

    Mannequins hold your garment and give it a realistic shape. However, the mannequin looks distracting, so getting rid of it is desirable.

    • Ghost Mannequin Services
    • Clothing Background Removal
    • Combining Front and Back Images
    • Eye-Popping 3D Image
    Before After Before Background Removal Service for Apparel Clothing StoresAfter Background Removal Service for Apparel Clothing Stores

    Background Removal for eCommerce Products

    eCommerce businesses can increase sales on platforms like Amazon and eBay with professional product photos. Retouching Labs background removal services help make the product backdrop look professional and focused on the item.

    • White / Transparent Background
    • Borders Fixing, Resizing, and Cropping
    • Natural, Drop, and Reflection Shadow Creation
    • Color Adjustment & Correction
    Before After Before Background Removal Service for eCommerce ProductsAfter Background Removal Service for eCommerce Products

    Photo Background Removal for Agency

    Agencies deal with hundreds of clients. They require bulk photo cut-out services with thousands of images. Retouching Labs helps agencies like web & graphics design companies and advertising businesses get long-term background removal.

    • Advertising Agency BG Removal
    • Branding Agency Background Removal
    • Remove Background for Creative Agency 
    • Marketing Agency Background Remove
    Before After Before Photo Background Removal Service for AgencyAfter Photo Background Removal Service for Agency

    Image Background Removal for Brands

    Visuals are the strongest form of branding. An online brand is extremely dependent on on-brand photos. Our experts recommend using the same color background for your images. Retouching Labs removes backgrounds to showcase your unique brand colors.

    Before After Before Image Background Removal Service for BrandsAfter Image Background Removal Service for Brands

    Background Removal Service for Small Sellers

    Small sellers need to stand out among thousands of competitors.

    How can you do that?

    Work with Retouching Labs to remove product backgrounds that help your items look professional and high-quality.

    We are okay with editing a small number of images! You can scale with Retouching Labs.

    Before After Before Background Removal Services for Small SellersAfter Background Removal Services for Small Sellers

    Need Bulk Background Removal Services?

    Do you have many photos for editing? Worried about file transfer? Retouching Labs is here to help you. Our photo editors are capable of working on thousands of photos daily. We offer competitive pricing based on the image’s complexity and quantity. Want discounts? Retouching Labs offers Volume Discounts for Bulk Orders. Orders of 1000+ bulk images get up to 15% discounts! You can rely on us for any photo post-production service.

    Custom Image Background Removal

    Get Professional, Custom Photo Background Removal from Retouching Labs, including:

    Image File Outputs

    • JPG
    • PNG
    • EPS
    • PSD
    • TIFF

    Background Colors

    • Transparent
    • Gradient
    • Custom
    • White
    • Grey

    Editing Software

    • Adobe Photoshop Elements
    • CyberLink PhotoDirector
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Lightroom

    How Can Background Removal Help Other Photoshop Services?

    Background Removal Services are achieved using Clipping Path, Image Masking, or Deep Etching. The photo editing experts at Retouching Labs will help you choose the most suitable service for background (BG) removal based on the task’s complexity.

    Other Photoshop Services

    Retouching Labs offer image masking, photo retouching, clipping path, photo manipulation, image editing, photo restoration, raster to vector, photo color correction, and various other exclusive photo editing services. Our retouchers can do it all!

    How You Benefit

    You can pair background removal services with color correction and photo retouching for the perfect image editing. So, mix and match our other Photoshop editing services to get the best output for your important images!

    Background Removal Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Photo Background Removal Services. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert at Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    Photo Background Removal is the process of removing an image’s background. It is required to remove unattractive backgrounds, unwanted objects, and imperfections. Professional Image Background Removal helps delete the background from an image. Also, BG (background) removal can clear backgrounds, make backgrounds transparent, remove backgrounds from logos, and more.

    Photo Background Removal helps remove distractions from your main image. For example, a product on an eCommerce website needs to be in focus, with background distractions removed. Furthermore, portrait background removal helps make the headshot look more professional.

    Other important reasons to invest in image background removal services are:

    • Reducing image file size
    • Replacing unattractive background with another color or image
    • Complying with image background requirements of online marketplaces
    • Creating consistency on your website
    • Building a product catalog with proper context

    Retouching Labs uses various tools and techniques to remove the image background. The basic process is:

    • Import image to Photoshop.
    • Analyze the image to determine which tools to use. 
    • Use the pen tool to select the part of the photo we need to keep (foreground).
    • Then, the selection is inverted (which selects the background). 
    • Finally, the selected background is removed.

    You can! For photos with simple backgrounds, a free tool does the job.

    However, the free tools are not suitable for more complex images. In addition, they cannot achieve the laser-thin accuracy of a professional photo editor. Finally, free tools cannot handle bulk background removal needed by professional photographers, agencies, and retailers.

    The background type depends on your use case. For example, eCommerce websites require the product to be on a white background. So, send us your images and use case; our experts will suggest suitable photo backgrounds and implement them for you.

    The photo editing experts at Retouching Labs use Photoshop for accurate background removal. The two most common techniques for BG (background) removal are image masking and clipping path.

    Yes, you can! Retouching Labs can handle 6500+ images per day.

    Retouching Labs offers a free trial to help customers judge our service quality. Please start your free trial today!

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