Vector Conversion Services

Vector Conversion Service Provider Company Retouching Labs take raster images (JPG, PNG, & more) and reproduce them in vector format (SVG, AI, EPS, PDF). Convert images to vectors for your photos, sketches, scans, and other pictures. Retouching Labs offer vector conversion services for web design, signage, printing, screen printing, engraving, CAD, and illustrations of various types.

Vector Conversion Services Retouching Labs Provide

The experts at Retouching Labs offer various types of vector conversion services. Our image-to-vector conversion specialists use Adobe Illustrator and other advanced tools to convert your photos to high-quality vector files. We offer the following vector conversion services:

  • Image to Vector Drawing
  • Image to Vector Line Art
  • Exact-Copy Vectorization
  • Vehicle Image to Vector
  • Animal Image to Vector
  • Building Image to Vector
  • Image to Vector for Manuals
  • People Image to Vector
  • Vectorize Hand Drawn Image
  • Real Estate Image to Vector
  • Logo Vector Conversion
  • Image to Vector Silhouette

Image to Vector Drawing

Vector graphics are drawings, so when an image is vectorized, a drawing is made based on the photo. A photograph has a continuous tone with a soft transition between colors. However, vector graphics have a clear distinction between each color.

Vector conversion service provider company Retouching Labs provide vectorization for Photo to Vector Drawing. We help create Vector Illustrations in various formats, including EPS, AI, SVG, and PDF. Get the following Image to Vector Drawing services:

  • Image to Vector Art
  • Manual Vector Tracing
  • Image to Vector Illustration
  • Hand-drawn Image to Vector
Before After Before Image to Vector Drawing ServicesAfter Image to Vector Drawing Services

Image to Vector Line Art

Line art is a vector image made up of straight lines and curves against a plain (white) background. Image to Vector Line Art Service takes a photo (for example, a person or object) and converts it to a black-and-white line drawing.

Retouching Labs offer conversion from an image to black and white (B&W) vector line art. Our experts can make the line drawing simple with a basic outline or include high detail. The smaller your vector graphic will be imprinted, the less detail you want to include. We help with the following:

  • Basic Detail Line Art
  • High Detail Line Art
  • Photo to Pencil Line Art
  • Trace Photo Into Line Drawing
Before After Before Image to Vector Line Art ServicesAfter Image to Vector Line Art Services

Exact-Copy Vectorization

Exact Copy Vector Conversion takes a raster graphic (in JPG, PNG, & other raster formats) and converts it to a vector graphic (in SVG, AI, PDF, EPS).

Retouching Labs is a vector conversion service provider company performing exact-copy vectorization. Our experts manually redraw the graphic in vector format while keeping it as close to the original as possible.

  • Exact Replica of Your Graphic
  • Raster Logo Graphic to Vector
  • Raster Product Graphic to Vector
Before After Before Exact Copy Vectorization ServiceAfter Exact Copy Vectorization Service

Vehicle Image to Vector

Vector drawings are ideal for printing on custom products. The reason is that accurately printing a full photo is difficult and expensive. Vector graphics of vehicle photos are used in various areas like banners, specialty promo items, vehicle wraps, metal stamps, and more.

Retouching Labs offer vehicle photo to vector conversion services to expertly create vector files for your favorite vehicles. We offer the following image-to-vector conversion services:

  • Vector Car Conversion
  • Vector Boat Conversion
  • Vector Boat Conversion
  • Vector Jeep Conversion
  • Vector Train Conversion
  • Vector Plane Conversion
  • Vector Hot Rod Conversion
  • Vector Helicopter Conversion
  • Vector Motorcycle Conversion
Before After Before Vehicle Image to Vector Conversion ServicesAfter Vehicle Image to Vector Conversion Services

Animal Image to Vector

Want to print animal images on t-shirts, cups, hoodies, and other merchandise? Then, you need an animal vector file! Animal image-to-vector conversion services take your animal photo and provide a custom vector drawing.

Retouching Labs is a vector conversion service provider company offering custom animal vector drawings. You can avail of our raster-to-vector conversion services to get EPS, PDF, SVG, or AI animal drawings for carvings, engravings, prints, etching, and stickers.

  • Dog Image to Vector
  • Cat Image to Vector
  • Bird Image to Vector
  • Horse Image to Vector
Before After Before Animal Image to Vector Conversion ServicesAfter Animal Image to Vector Conversion Services

Building Image to Vector

Get custom vector drawings of your building with real photographs as a reference. The experts at Retouching Labs will create vector black-only line art or color illustrations as required.

Building (or any house, property, etc. ) Vector Art is perfect for carving, cutting, engraving, etching, lasering, stamping, sandblasting, and specialty printing. Retouching Labs is a vector conversion service provider company  offering vector conversion services for the following building types:

  • Industrial Building Image to Vector Conversion
  • Residential Building Image to Vector Conversion
  • Agricultural Building Image to Vector Conversion
  • Commercial Building Image to Vector Conversion
  • Institutional Building Image to Vector Conversion
Before After Before Building Image to Vector Conversion ServicesAfter Building Image to Vector Conversion Services

Image to Vector for Manuals

Want to convert your product photos into vector drawings? An expert can even work with rough sketches of products to convert into a vector diagram suitable for use in manuals, instruction sheets, and technical specifications.

Retouching Labs offer Vector Line Drawings and Diagrams for Manuals. Whether you need an outline of the major features or a more detailed line drawing, the experts at Retouching Labs can take your photo and redraw it as a vector file as a very basic or highly detailed line drawing. We help you with the following:

  • Vector Drawings for Data Sheets
  • Black and White Vector Line Drawing
  • Color Vector Graphics from Rough Sketch
  • Vector Diagram for Informational Websites
  • Vector Illustrations for Specification Manuals
Before After Before Image to Vector Conversion for ManualsAfter Image to Vector Conversion for Manuals

People Image to Vector

Looking to create pencil sketches of your portraits? There is no need to commission one from scratch! People image to vector conversion services use drawings of people to make custom vector drawings.

Retouching Labs is a vector conversion service provider company offering custom vector drawings using people’s photos as a reference. Get the following raster to vector conversion services:

  • Line Art Vector of People
  • Color Vector People Drawing
  • Pencil Sketch of Person’s Face
  • Black and White People Vector
Before After Before People Image to Vector Conversion ServicesAfter People Image to Vector Conversion Services

Vectorize Hand Drawn Image

Turn your hand-drawn images into a vector file with image tracing services. Not all image formats are suitable for printing, billboards, posters, or banners. The reason is that raster file formats do not keep high quality during extension.

Send your hand-drawn images to Retouching Labs for excellent image-to-vector conversion services. Our experts are trained in Adobe Illustrator and will output the vector in any format you need, including .ai, .pdf, .svg, and .eps.

  • Convert Sketch to Vector
  • Manual Image Tracing Services
  • Colorize Hand Drawn Image After Vector Conversion
Before After Before Vectorize Hand Drawn Image ServiceAfter Vectorize Hand Drawn Image Service

Real Estate Image to Vector

Real estate businesses benefit from using vector graphics for advertising and marketing efforts. Using raster graphics is not preferable as they do not scale well. For example, real estate billboard ads require large HD images, which is only possible using the vector format.

Retouching Labs offer Real Estate Photo Editing Services that cover image to vector conversion. We vectorize photos of buildings, interiors, exteriors, wallpapers, and other wall art. Furthermore, the experts at Retouching Labs help create vector graphics to decorate a house like:

  • Props Vectorization
  • Wall Art Vectorization
  • Portrait Vectorization
  • Furniture Vectorization
  • Showpieces Vectorization
Before After Before Real Estate Image to Vector Conversion ServiceAfter Real Estate Image to Vector Conversion Service

Logo Vector Conversion

Created your logo and saved it using JPG or PNG? Then you lose quality when using the logo in large areas like billboards, posters, and online. Get image-to-vector conversion services for a high-quality and lossless version of your logo.

Retouching Labs is a vector conversion service provider company that skillfully converts raster logos into vector graphics. Redrawing your logo in vector helps you use the logo for every purpose imaginable, like large billboards.

  • Redraw Logos from the Web into Vector
  • Black and White Logo in Vector Format
  • Bad Quality, Eroded Logo to Vector Format
Before After Before Logo Vector Conversion ServicesAfter Logo Vector Conversion Services

Image to Vector Silhouette

Convert a photo or other image into a vector silhouette with a detailed outline and solid fill.

Retouching Labs provide image-to-vector silhouette conversion for black and white profiles. Our experts help create the following:

  • Portrait Profile Silhouettes
  • Action Shot Silhouettes
  • Product Silhouettes
Before After Before People Image to Vector Conversion ServicesAfter People Image to Vector Conversion Services

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Cost of Vector Conversion Services Offered by Retouching Labs

Pricing of Vector Conversion Services. Choose the plan that is right for your unique requirements.

Logo Conversion

$per photo


Simple Logo Vector Conversion $3.99
Medium Logo Vector Conversion $7.99
Complex Logo Vector Conversion $16.99

Artwork Conversion

$per photo


Simple Artwork Vector Conversion $8.99
Medium Artwork Vector Conversion $22.99
Complex Artwork Vector Conversion $44.99

Drawings Conversion

$per photo


Simple Line Drawings Vector Conversion $13.99
Medium Line Drawings Vector Conversion $22.99
Complex Line Drawings Vector Conversion $35.99

Illustration Conversion

$per photo


Simple Silhouette Vector Conversion $6.99
Medium Illustration Vector Conversion $17.99
Complex Illustration Vector Conversion $44.99

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    Why Retouching Labs' Professional Vector Conversion Services?

    Retouching Labs is a top vector conversion service provider company offering handmade image-to-vector conversion services. Our experts are skilled in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW to convert raster images to AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, DST, and PDF formats. Global customers come to Retouching Labs for reliable and cost-effective vector conversion.

    For the following reason, you can choose Retouching Labs for your vector conversion partner:

    • One Place for All Photo Editing Services
    • Scope to Build A Long-term Relationship
    • Globally Recognized Service Provider
    • Project-based Experienced Experts
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    After Image to Vector Drawing Services

    Outsource Photo Editing Services & Save Your Precious Time

    At Retouching Labs, many experienced graphic artists are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the highest quality photo post-processing work within a committed time. Save the hassle of the complex image retouching process by outsourcing photo editing services to Retouching Labs and spend more time on what you love to do. Taking stunning photographs or promoting your business. Explore our wide range of specialized photo editing services for companies, freelance photographers and the rest.

    How Retouching Labs Convert Image to Vector Format?

    Vector images are more detailed compared to raster images. The experts at Retouching Labs convert raster images to vector format using the following process:

    Open the Image in Illustrator

    The image should be in JPG, PNG, or other raster formats.

    Select an Image Trace Preset

    The Image Trace tool is used to vectorize images.

    Fine-Tune the Traced Image

    Manually edit the vectorized image for exact conversion.

    What Retouching Labs Do In Vector Conversion Services?

    The experts at Retouching Labs perform various image-to-vector conversions. Our raster-to-vector conversion services include the following:

    • Convert AI To SVG
    • Convert PNG To SVG
    • Convert EPS To SVG
    • Convert PDF To SVG
    • Convert SVG To EPS
    • Convert PNG To AI
    • Convert DXF To SVG
    • Convert SVG To DXF
    • Convert CDR To SVG
    • Convert EPS To JPG
    • Convert JPG To Vector
    • Convert Logo to Vector
    • Convert Bitmap To Vector
    • Convert Drawing to Vector
    • Convert Raster Image to Vector
    • Convert Scanned Images to Vector

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    Why Choose Retouching Labs for Vector Conversion Services?

    Retouching Labs guarantees 100% Quality Assurance (QA) for all our Vector Conversion Services. You can expect many benefits from our retouching experts, including:

    Production QA

    Retouching Labs photo editing services are constantly monitored by a QA Supervisor, who ensures the editing task follows customer requirements. The result is the right image on the first try.

    Post Production QA

    After the editing is complete, Retouching Labs Post Production QA Manager goes through the edits, ensures the quality per client requirements, and performs corrective edits.

    Pre-Delivery QA

    After the Post Production QA Team completes the photo editing workflow, Retouching Labs Production Manager works to ensure the quality before delivery.

    Pen Tablet

    Retouching Labs experts provide high-end retouching services with the help of a pen tablet, which makes the editing more professional and precise.

    Who Needs Professional Vector Conversion Services?

    Vector conversions take a raster image and output it in vector formats. It is useful for creating scalable and resolution-independent vector images for specialty cases.

    Vector Conversion Services are suitable for individuals and businesses who want to use their images for the following use cases:

    • Glass Etching
    • Vehicle Wraps
    • Vinyl Cutting
    • Metal Stamping
    • Screen Printers
    • Sublimation Printing
    • Direct-to-Film Printing
    • Decals, Labels, Stickers
    • Direct-to-Garment Printing
    • Vector Line Art For Engraving
    • Signs: Cut, Sandblasted, Carved
    • Web Use (Website Art, Icons, Graphics)
    • Banners And Other Large-format Printing
    • Specialty Printers (On Mugs, Frisbees, Koozies.)

    Need Bulk Vector Conversion Services?

    Do you have many Images for Vector Conversion? Worried about file transfer? Retouching Labs is here to help you. Our photo editors are capable of working on thousands of photos daily. We offer competitive pricing based on the image’s complexity and quantity. Want discounts? Retouching Labs offers Volume Discounts for Bulk Orders. Orders of 1000+ bulk images get up to 15% discounts! You can rely on us for any Photoshop editing service.

    How Can Vector Conversion Help Other Photoshop Services?

    Vector conversion takes a raster image and converts it to the vector format (AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, and CDR). How does vector conversion fit in with other photo editing services? You can send your images to Retouching Labs for photo editing. We will fix the photo (retouch and edit) and then convert it to the vector format of your choice.

    Other Photoshop Services​

    Retouching Labs offer image masking, photo retouching, clipping path, photo manipulation, image editing, photo restoration, photo color correction, and various other exclusive photo editing services. Our retouchers can do it all!

    How You Benefit

    You can pair Vector Conversion Services with color correction and photo manipulation for perfect image editing. So, mix and match our other Photoshop editing services to get the best output for your important images!

    Vector Conversion Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Vector Conversion Services. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert at Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    Most images are originally raster files. The raster formats include .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, and .psd. Raster files are images made up of pixels, making them perfect for online use (website or eCommerce store).

    When raster images are resized, for billboards and posters, the images look pixelated because of the resolution. That is where vector images come in.

    Vector files are mathematical. They are made of a series of points with an X and Y axis to create straight and curved lines. As vector image is not made up of pixels, they can be resized to any size without sacrificing quality.

    Vector conversion services help convert raster files to vectors for various use cases.

    Vector conversion services are required because rasterized images cannot be used everywhere. For example, big images for advertising in posters, banners, billboards, and logos get pixelated when enlarged. A vector image will hold its quality and details no matter the size. Get raster-to-vector conversion services for high-quality images. Other reasons include the following:

    • Vector graphics are scalable – You can enlarge a vector image to any size without losing quality.
    • Vector graphics are resolution independent – You can use vector images at ANY resolution.
    • Reduce the number of colors and printing costs – vector images require fewer color plates for the printer to print your image, lowering printing costs. You can choose from pre-printed Pantone spot colors for an exact color match.

    You can use an online image-to-vector converter for simple images. However, this software breaks down for more detailed images.

    The best way to convert a rasterized image to a vector is to recreate the original image by hand. An expert will recreate the image while maintaining the proportions, colors, and other details that an online vector converter is not capable of.

    No, we do not. Our experts perform manual vector conversions using appropriate tools like Adobe Illustrator.

    Some of the Vector Conversion tools used by the experts at Retouching Labs include the following:

    • Adobe Illustrator
    • CorelDRAW
    • Inkscape

    Vector images are suitable for specialty printers, large format banners, billboards, vehicle wraps, sand-blasted signs, laser-cut signs, glass etching, engravers, metal stamping, web use, and more.

    Please send your raster files in the following formats:

    • JPG
    • TIFF
    • GIF
    • PNG
    • BMP

    You will receive the vector file in one of the following formats:

    • EPS
    • SVG
    • PDF
    • CDR
    • AI, and more.

    Yes, we can! Just send us your files with the required output format. Our experts will convert your PNG file to SVG without any quality loss.