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Retouching Labs offers Top-Notch and Professional Wedding Photo Editing Services online at affordable costs. It has been a trusted photo editing company for wedding and portrait photographers looking for customized and stylized wedding photography editing. Photo editing experts at Retouching Labs will help you with every level of image editing, from start to end. Outsource your wedding photo editing project and get it quickly done and delivered remotely online. You will get 24 hours services from here.

Wedding Photo Editing Services Retouching Labs Provide

Find the best marriage photo retouching services you need to help you successfully meet your assignment planning, goals and deadline from the following wedding photo retouching services list.

  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Color Correction
  • HDR Photo Blending
  • Background Removal
  • Remove and Add Objects
  • Complex Photoshop Manipulations
  • Clothes Editing (Wrinkles Removal)
  • Makeup Adjustment
  • Stray Hair Removal
  • Skin Tone Fixing

Wedding Photo Retouching

Wedding photo retouching is an essential part of the wedding photography industry. Retouching Labs helps wedding photographers deliver the highest quality wedding photos on time.

Photo editing experts at Retouching Labs start with basic wedding photo retouching, including:

  • Remove Skin Imperfections
  • Improve The Texture
  • Whiten Teeth
  • Dodging and Burning
  • Split Toning
  • Airbrushing, etc.
Before After Before - Wedding Photo RetouchingAfter - Wedding Photo Retouching

Color Correction

The experts at Retouching Labs process and fix colors for each of your wedding photos. They stick to your editing style to ensure consistency across the entire wedding photo album. Send your wedding photos to Retouching Labs.

The experts at Retouching Labs will do the following tasks for you:

  • Choose Successful Photo Shots (Culling)
  • Enhance Colors
  • Remove Distracting Objects, etc.

An authentic white bride’s dress and lively tones of the background are confirmed.

Before After Before - Wedding Photo Color CorrectionAfter - Wedding Photo Color Correction

HDR Photo Blending

Weddings are important life events in people’s life. Retouching Labs helps make your precious memories gorgeous and glamorous. Get wedding HDR photo blending services from Retouching Labs at a low cost.

Photo editing specialist at Retouching Labs blend several wedding pictures with different brightness levels and temperatures to create a perfect bridal photo out of your highlights and shadows.

  • Blend Several Wedding Photos
  • Image Bracketing Services
  • Correct Perspective
  • Balance Colors
Before After Before - Wedding - HDR Photo BlendingAfter - Wedding - HDR Photo Blending

Background Removal

The photo editing specialists at Retouching Labs change the mood of your marriage images completely with background changes. Retouching Labs will help you enhance the background or replace it with a new backdrop. We will make all the changes as realistic as possible.

Get the following background services from Retouching Labs:

  • Background Replacement
  • Merge Background
  • Background Extension
  • Create Background Shadow
Before After Before - Wedding Photo Background RemovalAfter - Wedding Photo Background Removal

Remove and Add Objects

The photo editing experts at Retouching Labs keep the newlyweds at the center of the photo. We realistically remove distracting objects or people in the frame. Also, Retouching Labs offers the opposite and fill the image with additional objects as required.

Retouching Labs offers the following add and remove services:

  • Remove Distracting Objects
  • Remove Unwanted Person
  • Add Important Person
  • Get Rid of Defects
Before After Before - Wedding Photo Remove and Add ObjectsAfter - Wedding Photo Remove and Add Objects

Complex Photoshop Manipulations

Want to create amazing bridal photos? The Photoshop experts at Retouching Labs are skilled at complex photo manipulation to change your wedding images however you want. Interested in transporting the bride and groom to an ocean shore? Retouching Labs can help you do it!

Retouching Labs offers the following complex Photoshop manipulations:

  • Add Special Effects (Example: Fireworks, Flowers.)
  • Enhance the Beauty of the Bride/Groom
  • Change Image Background
  • Professional Stylization
Before After Before - Wedding Photo ManipulationAfter - Wedding Photo Manipulation

Clothes Editing (Wrinkles Removal)

Are you disappointed by the creases and wrinkles in your wedding clothes? The Photoshop experts at Retouching Labs will help you remove them! They edit the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit to remove all defects in Photoshop. You won’t see any wrinkles on the clothes after we are finished with your bridal photos.

Retouching Labs offer the following clothes editing services:

  • Changing the Color of Clothing
  • Unwanted Accessory Removal
  • Fixing Scratches and Creases
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Remove Stains
Before After Before - Wedding Photo Wrinkles RemovalAfter - Wedding Photo Wrinkles Removal

Makeup Adjustment

The expert retouchers at Retouching Labs refresh the bride’s make-up which may become imperfect after several hours of the wedding ceremony. Work with our wedding photo editing company to expertly fix and adjust makeup imperfections.

Retouching Labs offers makeup adjustments like:

  • Highlight Eyes
  • Makeup Retouching
  • Apply Blush and Eyeshadow
  • Increase the Brightness of Lip Color
  • We Accept Specific Makeup Requests
Before After Before - Wedding Photo Makeup AdjustmentAfter - Wedding Photo Makeup Adjustment

Stray Hair Removal

Retouching Labs offers stray hair removal services to get rid of flyaway hairs on your wedding photos. The photoshop experts at Retouching Labs also perform light smoothing to give natural-looking wedding photographs.

Work with a leading wedding photo editing service provider company to expertly remove stray hairs, including:

  • Remove Flyaway Hairs
  • Body Hair Removal
  • Unwanted Hair Removal
Before After Before - Wedding Photo Stray Hair RemovalAfter - Wedding Photo Stray Hair Removal

Skin Tone Fixing

Improper lighting can give your skin a reddish or yellowish look. Send your wedding photos to Retouching Labs to fix the skin tone and make it look flawless. The experts at Retouching Labs use Lightroom and Photoshop to make skin tones look beautiful, healthy, and perfect.

Get skin-tone fixing services wedding photo editing service provider company from Retouching Labs, including:

  • Airbrushing
  • Spot Removal
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Blemish Removal
  • Skin Color Correction
Before After Before - Wedding Photo Skin Tone FixingAfter - Wedding Photo Skin Tone Fixing

How Retouching Labs Works

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    Why Retouching Labs Professional Wedding Photo Editing Services?

    In the photography world, a realistic scenario is a high-priced modern camera, and the perfect eyes of the photographers are not enough to take magazine-perfect wedding images all the time because you cannot control many things at the ceremony, such as the vague lighting in the wedding place, people around, poor camera adjustments, etc. It would be very tough to take a photo without issue. So online wedding photo editing service provider company is the best solution to bring perfection to your wedding photos. Retouching Labs is ready to boost your wedding photo’s quality in any season.

    For the following reason, you can choose Retouching Labs for your wedding photo retouching partner:

    • Scope to Build A Long-term Relationship
    • One Place for All Photo Editing Services
    • Globally Recognized Service Provider
    • Project-based Experienced Experts
    • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Trustworthy and Transparent
    • Heart Contentment Output
    • You Can Apply Your Ideas
    • 24/7 Support Available
    • Multiple Customization
    • Proven Track Record
    • On-time Delivery
    After - Wedding Photo Makeup Adjustment

    Outsource Wedding Photo Editing Services & Save Your Precious Time

    At Retouching Labs, many experienced graphic artists are pushing boundaries to deliver the promise of the highest quality photo post-processing work within a committed time. Save the hassle of the complex image retouching process by outsourcing photo editing services to Retouching Labs and spend more time on what you love to do. Taking stunning photographs or promoting your business. Explore our wide range of specialized photo editing services for companies, freelance photographers and the rest.

    How Retouching Labs Edit Your Wedding Photos?

    While editing wedding photos, the experts at Retouching Labs always try to make adjustments accurate and almost invisible. As a result, people who look at the wedding photos won’t see any changes made. The basic wedding photo editing process followed by Retouching Labs is as follows:


    The first step of wedding photo editing is to crop out the unwanted areas of the image. Retouching Labs ensure the correct aspect ratio is selected for sharing on social media or making slideshows.

    Brighten Photo

    Retouching Labs ensure your wedding photos look bright and sunny. Our experts fix dark images by skillfully brightening the scene to show more details.

    Eliminate Noise

    Wedding photos taken during low light can be grainy or noisy. The experts at Retouching Labs reduce noise that is lowering your image quality.

    Adjust Contrast

    Contrast is the difference between the light and dark pixels. After brightening the photo, the experts at Retouching Labs adjust the contrast.

    Fix Imperfections

    Retouching Labs help fix imperfections using the clone tool. We remove blemishes, wrinkles, and shadows by cloning the clean areas over the imperfections.

    Adjust Shadows

    Shadows and highlights are important to show more detail. However, too much highlight or shadow can make the photo look washed out. So, we adjust shadows skillfully.

    Fix Color Vibrancy

    Make your wedding photos “pop” by increasing the vibrancy. The experts at Retouching Labs adjust the color balance to have the right balance of red, green, and blue.

    Fix Blurriness

    Wedding photographers take hundreds of photos during the ceremony. Naturally, some photos may be blurry. Retouching Labs use the sharpness tool to recover blurry images.

    What Retouching Labs Do In Wedding Photo Editing?

    The photo editing experts at Retouching Labs perform a wide range of retouching for your wedding photographs. When Retouching Labs edit bridal pictures, we pay equal attention to the bride’s make-up, dress, jewels, flowers, and other accessories. Furthermore, the background is edited alongside the colors for the perfect wedding picture.

    The experts at Retouching Labs apply the following adjustments as part of our marriage photo editing:

    • Vibrance, Contrast, & Shadows Adjustment
    • Professional Stray Hair Removal
    • Removing Bags Under the Eyes
    • Smooth Creases on Clothes
    • White Balance Adjustment
    • Shadows Adjustment
    • Add Digital Makeup
    • Background Editing
    • Wrinkles Removal
    • Body Retouching
    • Objects Removal
    • Color Correction
    • Skin Retouching
    • Body Liquify

    Why Choose Retouching Labs for Wedding Photo Editing Services?

    Retouching Labs guarantees 100% Quality Assurance (QA) for all our Outsource Wedding Photo Editing Services. Furthermore, you can expect many benefits from our editing experts, including:

    Production QA

    Retouching Labs photo retouching services are constantly monitored by a QA Supervisor, who ensures the editing task follows customer requirements. The result is the right image on the first try.

    Post Production QA

    After the retouching is complete, Retouching Labs Post Production QA Manager goes through the edits, ensures the quality per client requirements, and performs corrective edits.

    Pre-Delivery QA

    After the Post Production QA Team completes the photo retouching workflow, Retouching Labs Production Manager works to ensure the quality before delivery.

    Pen Tablet

    Retouching Labs experts provide high-end retouching services with the help of a pen tablet, which makes the retouching more professional and precise.

    Who Needs Professional Wedding Photo Editing Services?

    Wedding Photo Editing Services are mainly for Professional Photographers. Are you a photographer clicking hundreds of photos during weddings? It is challenging to edit so many photos on a tight deadline. Retouching Labs offers professional marriage photo editing to help photographers outsource the post-production task.

    Outsource Wedding Photo Editing Services are also helpful to the bride and groom. Are you getting married but haven’t hired a professional photographer? Send us the photos you have clicked on your phone. The experts at Retouching Labs will edit smartphone photos and make your special day memorable.

    Need Bulk Wedding Photo Editing Services?

    Do you have many photos for retouching? Worried about file transfer? Retouching Labs is here to help you. Our photo retouchers are capable of working on thousands of photos daily. We offer competitive pricing based on the image’s complexity and quantity. Want discounts? Retouching Labs offers Volume Discounts for Bulk Orders. Orders of 1000+ bulk images get up to 15% discounts! You can rely on us for any Photoshop editing and retouching service.

    How Can Wedding Photo Editing Help Other Photoshop Services?

    Wedding Photo Editing is a blend of various Photoshop services, like retouching, background removal, and photo manipulation. When you outsource wedding photo editing from Retouching Labs, you also get other Photoshop services.

    Other Photoshop Services

    Retouching Labs offer image masking, photo editing, clipping path, shadow creation, background removal, photo restoration, raster to vector, photo color correction, and various other exclusive image editing services. Our retouchers can do it all!

    How You Benefit

    You can get color correction, photo editing, shadow creation, and more alongside wedding photo editing services for perfect image editing. So, mix and match our other Photoshop editing services to get the best output for your important images!

    Wedding Photo Editing Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Wedding Photo Editing Services. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert from Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    Wedding Photo Editing is the post-production process of making wedding photos look amazing. Every wedding photo should look attractive and unique, which is the main focus of wedding photo editing services.

    We are a wedding photo editing service provider company offers the following marriage photo editing:

    • Stray Hair & Wrinkles Removal
    • Eye-glasses Glare Correction
    • Clothes & Dress Correction
    • Pro Retouch (3-5 Persons)
    • High-End Skin Retouching
    • Body & Face Perfection
    • Dodge and Burn Effect
    • Makeup Adjustment
    • Contrast Adjustment
    • Exposure Correction
    • Matching Your Style
    • Noise Reduction
    • White Balance
    • Straightening
    • Sharpening
    • Cropping

    Weddings are important milestones in a person’s life. You can make your wedding event look and feel more vibrant, fun and appealing. Fix imperfections like skin tone, wrinkled clothing, and unwanted persons with wedding photo editing.

    Yes, we do! Retouching Labs gets many requests for wedding photo editing. So, we offer wedding photo editing packages to help customers save money and time while getting high-quality output.

    Retouching Labs offer two packages; standard and premium. Select the best option for your bespoke needs. You will not be disappointed working with our wedding photo editing service provider company. 

    Retouching Labs charges separately for photo culling. Selecting the best images usually takes 3-4 rounds of revision. You can quote the approximate number of photos you want to get. Then, someone from our wedding photo editing service provider company will get back to you.