About Retouching Labs

The Retouching Labs’ image/picture/photo editing and video editing teams have been working in the digital image and video editing domain since 2009.

Retouching Labs is committed to providing all types of photo and video editing services for everyone (Agencies – Individuals, and Professionals – Casuals).

Retouching Labs’ team members always stay up-to-date with recent trends and techniques in the digital photography and videography industries.

Retouching Labs’ photo and video editing professionals work smart to provide outstanding results that can overreach clients’ desires.

Retouching Labs’ is always working to develop friendly relationships with everyone around the Globe.

Such as

  • Social Media Marketing Companies,
  • Online Shops (E-Commerce Companies),
  • Event Management Companies,
  • Wedding Planners,
  • Photography Agencies,
  • Commercial Photographers,
  • Commercial Videographers,
  • Non-commercial Photographers,
  • Non-commercial Videographers,
  • Magazine Companies,
  • Real Estate Companies,
  • Advertising Companies,
  • Publishing Companies,
  • Photo Studios,
  • Web Designers,
  • Mobile App Designers,
  • Video Game Designers,
  • Film Producers
  • and the rest of all.
After - Wedding Photo Stray Hair Removal

Retouching Labs’ customers frequently get multiple regular discounts and love them.

Retouching Labs’ most prominent satisfaction is building a bridge between clients’ and clients’ flawless photos and videos; we understand your desire and how to do it fast with the ultimate level of professionalism.

Our Mission

Retouching Labs began its journey to solve the biggest problem in the photo editing industry. That is, people spend too much time and money to achieve beautiful images. Our mission is:

For our Company to be the leading photo and video editing business and scale higher.
For our People to have a sustainable and meaningful job that makes them better.
For our Clients to receive high quality services with fast turn around time.

Our Core Values

Retouching Labs have a set of core values that help us offer the highest quality photo editing services. We have a firm belief that it’s best to do one thing really well. Our Company Values:

We provide a 100% guarantee about quality and security


Work with Integrity and Honesty

We provide a 100% guarantee about quality and security


Work with Enthusiasm

We provide a 100% guarantee about quality and security


Dare to Be Innovative

We provide a 100% guarantee about quality and security


Trust in Yourself and Others

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Main Services Offered by Retouching Labs

Retouching Labs is trusted globally as a professional photo editing service provider. We have gained this reputation from our wide range of better and more affordable services than other platforms. In addition, Retouching Labs offers Graphic Design Services for creative work. 

Portrait Retouching

Retouching Labs use the most powerful tools to edit your portrait photos. The experts at Retouching Labs follow current trends to give your portraits a gorgeous but natural look. Customers work with Retouching Labs to fix defects and perform skin retouching. Retouching Labs satisfies clients with realistic, creative and eye-catching portrait retouching.

Before After A Stunning Girl Before Photo Retouch ServiceA Stunning Girl Looks More Gorgeous After Photo Retouch Service

Wedding Photo Editing

Professional wedding photographers with large workloads delegate photo editing to Retouching Labs. The experts at Retouching Labs are capable of advanced editing. Retouching Labs have vast experience offering wedding photo editing to make marriage photographs look flattering.

Before After Before - Wedding Photo Skin Tone FixingAfter - Wedding Photo Skin Tone Fixing

Background Removal

Customers come to Retouching Labs to get backgrounds removed for their photos to publish on eCommerce stores. Background Removal uses a Clipping Path or Image Masking to get rid of unwanted backdrops. The experts at Retouching Labs remove and replace the background as required.

Before After A Young Woman Before Image Masking ServiceA Young Woman Looks More Attractive After Image Masking Service

Photo Manipulation

Retouching Labs offer Photo Manipulation to add unique effects, colors, transitions, and styles. We are well known for crossing established boundaries to wow people with skillfully manipulated photographs.

Before After Products and Packet Before Image Manipulation ServiceProducts and Packet After Image Manipulation Service

Photo Restoration

Retouching Labs prides itself on bringing joy to families with Photo Restoration. The restoration experts at Retouching Labs can improve the look of digital images. Customers send us time-damaged, torn, ripped, and dusty photos. We give these damaged photos a new lease on life.

Before After Before Photo Restoration Service: A Man Standing in a Black and White ImageAfter Photo Restoration Service: A Man Standing in a Black and White Image

eCommerce Product Photo Editing

B2B, B2C, B2A, C2B, C2C, or C2A eCommerce businesses, you name it, Retouching Labs have served them all! eCommerce companies approach Retouching Labs to help make their product photos pop. Our experts are well-versed in product photo editing techniques to deliver high-quality images that convert.

Before After An Adjustable Headband Before E-commerce Photo Editing ServicesAn Adjustable Headband After E-commerce Photo Editing Services

Jewelry Photo Editing

Jewelry businesses work with Retouching Labs to make their ornaments shine! The photo editors at Retouching Labs skillfully remove dust particles and reflections, adjust colors, enhance the background, and apply shiny effects. The result? Eye-catching jewelry that sells!

Before After A Diamond Ring Before E-commerce Photo Editing ServicesA Diamond Ring After E-commerce Photo Editing Services

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate photos are critical to convincing buyers and renters. Retouching Labs offer diverse Real Estate photo editing services that transform dull, boring property images into professional images. Our retouchers have deep knowledge and experience with Real Estate editing.

Before After A Bedroom Chair Before Clipping Path ServicesA Bedroom Chair After Clipping Path Services

Body Retouching

Customers get in touch with Retouching Labs to make their body photos into masterpieces. Our photo editors help fix skin imperfections, make people slimmer, change body shape, and more according to the customer’s requirements!

Before After A beautiful Girl Before Image Masking ServiceA Beautiful Girl Looks More Beautiful After Image Masking Service

High-End Retouching

Retouching Labs is ready to retouch publishing and printing-grade images. No matter how complicated, we can do it! Customers can approach Retouching Labs to retouch and fix imperfections and get studio images in the highest resolution!

Before After Before - Wedding Photo RetouchingAfter - Wedding Photo Retouching

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Read the latest articles written by the photo editing experts at Retouching Labs. Retouching Labs has content about major photo editing, retouching, and photography. Visit our Blog for all the articles.