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We offer a range of options, including floating, natural, drop, and reflection shadows

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Stop wasting money on overpriced Shadow Creation Services!

Prices Start at Just $0.55!

Our Shadow Creation Services

Drop Shadow Creation

Before Drop Shadow Creation ServicesAfter Drop Shadow Creation Services

Our skilled artists carefully hand-draw natural shadows onto your product images, creating a 3D effect for a more realistic presentation. We also customize the background for seamless shadow integration.

Price: Starting From $0.55

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Natural Shadow Creation

Before Natural Shadow Creation ServicesAfter Natural Shadow Creation Services

Our expert image editors create natural-looking shadows, enhancing depth and dimension in your product images. We offer background removal and strategic shadow placement for a realistic final product.

Price: Starting From $0.55

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Reflection Shadow Creation

Before Reflection Mirror Shadow Effect ServicesAfter Reflection Mirror Shadow Effect Services

We can add a mirrored reflection shadow beneath your products that accentuates the product’s surface details, creating a stunning visual effect that grabs attention and makes your image stand out.

Price: Starting From $0.99

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Floating Shadow Creation

Before Shadow Creation Services for eCommerce Business OwnersAfter Shadow Creation Services for eCommerce Business Owners

Our experts can create captivating floating shadows for a wide range of products. This unique effect improves your product visuals by creating a sense of depth and dimension, making them stand out.

Price: Starting From $0.55

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Retain Original Shadow

Before Retain Original Shadow ServicesAfter Retain Original Shadow Services

We excel at retaining original shadows or enhancing dimmed ones (caused by lighting or photoshoot limitations) to achieve a realistic and visually compelling final image, even with background changes.

Price: Starting From $0.55

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Free Trial

Shadow Removal

Before Shadow Removal ServicesAfter Shadow Removal Services

Our experts use advanced techniques to remove unwanted shadows caused by cross-lighting or improper lighting setups. We enhance the image quality and ensure a professional image presentation.

Price: Starting From $0.55

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Free Trial

Highlight Shadow on Portrait

Before Shadow Creation for Fashion HousesAfter Shadow Creation for Fashion Houses

Our editors are skilled in highlight and shadow manipulation to enhance the natural beauty of your subjects. This targeted approach adds depth and dimension, resulting in aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Price: Starting From $0.55

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Free Trial

Cast Shadow Creation

Before Castaway or Existing Shadow Creation ServicesAfter Castaway or Existing Shadow Creation Services

Our experts analyze your product photos and strategically add natural-looking cast shadows. This improves visual depth and realism, creating a more grounded image that resonates with your customers.

Price: Starting From $0.55

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  • Retouching Pricing List Drop Shadow Creation
  • Retouching Pricing List Retain Original Shadow
  • Retouching Pricing List Natural Shadow Creation
  • Retouching Pricing List Castaway Or Existing Shadow Creation


Per Image
  • Retouching Pricing List Create Reflection / Mirror Shadow Effect

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Before Shadow Creation for eBay and Amazon Store OwnersAfter Shadow Creation for eBay and Amazon Store Owners

What Are Shadow Creation Services?

Shadow creation services are a specialized post-production technique employed in graphic design and photography. These services focus on creating realistic and customized shadows for images and artwork. 

The shadow creation process enhances the visual depth and realism of the subject, particularly beneficial for product photography, e-commerce visuals, and architectural renderings.

By leveraging shadow creation services, photographers, graphic designers, and artists can increase the visual quality and professionalism of their work, making it more impactful and engaging for the audience.

Types of Shadow Creation Services Offered By Retouching Labs:

  • Drop Shadows
  • Natural Shadows
  • Floating Shadows
  • Reflection Shadows

Price: $0.99 per image

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A Shoe Before Shadow Creation for Product PhotosA Shoe After Shadow Creation for Product Photos

Photoshop Shadow Creation Services for Ecommerce Product Images

While proper lighting during product photography is ideal, creating realistic shadows often occurs in post-processing. This strategic approach allows for precise control over the shadow’s direction, intensity, and blur, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing presentation across all product images.

Our shadow creation services cater specifically to the needs of e-commerce businesses. We understand the importance of consistent and high-quality product presentations, and our team of experienced editors is adept at crafting natural-looking shadows that align with the best practices of leading e-commerce platforms like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

Our eCommerce Shadow Creation Service Helps:

  • Increase Sales Significantly
  • Create Drama in Your Image
  • Make Product Images More Realistic
  • Give More Information About Your Product

Price: $1.49 per image

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Before Shadow Creation for Jewelry CompaniesAfter Shadow Creation for Jewelry Companies

Why Outsource Photo Shadow Creation Services?

Spending all day creating realistic shadows sucks the passion from your work. 

However, if you want your products to sell, you need shadows that look real.

Doing all the editing by yourself is not always the best solution. 

The solution?

Outsourcing shadow making services can bring the best outcome to your work. 

Important Reasons to Outsource Image Shadow Creation to Experts:

  • Consistency Of Work Is Important
  • The Number Of Images Is Too High
  • Producing High-quality Work Is Your Priority
  • You Want To Spend Your Time On Other Things

Price: $0.55 per image

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Free Trial
Before Ghost Mannequin Shadow Effect ServicesAfter Ghost Mannequin Shadow Effect Services

Why Retouching Labs for Shadow Creation Services?

At Retouching Labs, we are committed to delivering exceptional shadow creation services that consistently exceed client expectations. 

Our team leverages extensive industry experience to create high-quality product images that elevate your e-commerce listings. 

We prioritize ongoing training and utilize the latest software to ensure our techniques remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our commitment to client privacy is paramount, and we have established strict protocols to ensure confidentiality.

Our Offerings:

  • Streamlined and Efficient Workflow
  • Rapid Turnaround Times
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Competitive Rates

Price: $0.99 per image

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Free Trial

Client Reviews

I have to say that they were very prepared to do that and they were always in time very punctual they delivered what they promised and they were always delivering even prior to what I was expecting.

Client Testimonial - Ms. Frosina Bollo Owner of a eCommerce Business
Frosina BolloeCommerce Buisness

We have been working with them a few weeks now and I'm really satisfied with their work and the best thing about them in my opinion is their work ethic. They really showed me several times that they're willing to put all efforts.

Client Testimonial - Mr. Kent Chief Operating Officer Studio in Finland
KentChief Operating Officer

I have been working with them for some time now and the work is to the highest quality standard and very happy keep doing what you're doing guys. I have never had a problem with them they are the best of what they do from what I have seen in my experience.

Client Testimonial - Mr. Christopher Fahey Owner of a Digital Marketing Agency
Christopher FaheyDigital Marketing

I am very pleased with the outcome of my pictures! The correspondence was prompt and gave me all the information I needed without asking. It was a very seamless process and myself, and my client are very happy and satisfied.

Common Client Thumbnail
Cris KnottIndividual

You all have been so great to work with. Your response times and delivery times have always been fast and direct. Communications have also been great. One thing I would say could be beneficial overall would be just to ask a few more questions about projects if there is ever any uncertainty or confusion with a request. We really appreciate all of the hard work you all have done for us and we look forward to working with you all again in the future.

Client Testimonial - Mr. Nick D’Andria, Jr. Art Director at Chil & Co.
Nick D’AndriaJr. Art Director
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