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Are your stock photos not up to standard? Then, please send them to Retouching Labs! We are a leading stock photo retouching service provider company helping ensure your images meet the essential standards and appear uniform. Our experts provide stock photo editing services at a low cost and with a quick turnaround. Furthermore, Retouching Labs have experience editing stock photos in bulk. So, get in touch with us to outsource stock photography retouching services!

Stock Photo Retouching Services Retouching Labs Provide

Retouching Labs’ team of photo editors is well-versed in stock photo retouching and enhancement. We have worked with global clients to create attractive stock images worthy of their websites and other marketing materials. Furthermore, Retouching Labs has years of industry experience and technical expertise, working with several stock photo websites to make their images look sensational. As a result, Retouching Labs’ edits help drive downloads and revenue for our clients. So, outsource stock photo retouching to our experts and grow your business!

Outsource Stock Photo Retouching Services to Retouching Labs and Get:

Remove Photography Defects

As you become more familiar with stock photos, you might notice specific common problems you’d want to fix in the pictures. Not all digital camera images are perfect; some photos might appear very bright, while others could be too dark or have a grainy texture. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your photos look much better. Feel free to get in touch to outsource stock photo retouching and remove all photography defects!

Stock Photo Retouching Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Helps Remove Photography Defects Like: 

  • Exposure Issues
  • Color Imbalance
  • Noise and Grain
  • Distorted Proportions
  • Blemishes and Imperfections
Before After Before Jewelry Color Correction and RecoloringAfter Jewelry Color Correction and Recoloring

Stock Photo Image Enhancement

Stock photo retouching improves the overall quality of stock photos, making them more attractive and impressive. Whether the colors are dull, the brightness is off, or you’re unhappy with the sharpness, our stock photo enhancement services can help. So, get in touch with Retouching Labs to outsource stock photo retouching services.

Stock Photo Retouching Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Helps Enhance Stock Photography:

  • Stock Photo Color Correction
  • Reflection/Shade Correction
  • Stock Photo Clean-up and Cut-out
  • Sharpness/Brightness/Contrast Fixing
Before After Before Mercedes Car Product Photo EditingAfter Mercedes Car Product Photo Editing

Stock Photo Logo/Watermark Removal

Photos covered with logos, watermarks, or logos are not suitable for use as stock photos. Furthermore, it makes stock photos look unclean and unprofessional. The experts at Retouching Labs skillfully remove logos and watermarks without sacrificing quality. So, outsource stock photo editing services today and get top-quality logo and watermark removal. 

Stock Photo Retouching Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers the Following:

  • Add Logo/Watermark
  • Stock Photos Clipping Path/Masking
  • Before Printing Retouching Services
  • Logo/watermark Removal For Stock Photos
  • Cleaning Of Stock Photos To Fix The Issue
Before After Before Product Photo Background Removal and ReplacementAfter Product Photo Background Removal and Replacement

Change the Mood and Tone of Stock Photos

Maintaining a consistent look and feel for photos used throughout your brand is crucial for creating a recognizable identity, even without relying on a logo or watermark. Use of our stock image editing services to gain a competitive edge in the business world.

Before After Before Background Color Correction ServicesAfter Background Color Correction Services

Stock Photo Background Change/Replacement

Retouching Labs offers professional stock photography background replacement services to remove unwanted backgrounds. Our experts use clipping paths and image masks to isolate your main subjects from its background skillfully. Then, we replace it with a suitable background that makes your stock photo more attractive. So, get in touch with us to outsource stock photography retouching services. 

Stock Photo Retouching Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers the Following:

  • Object Removal/Addition Of Stock Photos
  • Color Balance, Noise Reduction, Setting Contrast
  • Cleaning Of Stock Photos/Stain & Blemish Removal
  • Precise Cutting And Replacement Of Background Photos
Before After Before - Merge Background ServicesAfter- Merge Background Services

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    Why Retouching Labs’ Professional Stock Photo Retouching Services?

    Retouching Labs is an experienced Stock Photo Retouching Service Provider Company helping you to get high-quality, post-processed stock photographs while saving time and costs. 

    Reasons To Outsource Stock Photo Retouching Services to Retouching Labs: 

    • Skilled Team – Well-trained photo editors to conform to global business requirements.
    • Global Clients – 100+ satisfied clients based in the US, UK, Canada, EU, and Germany.
    • Free Trial – Get a feel for our photo editors’ skills and company policy with a free trial. 
    • Large Volume Editing – In-house capability of stock photo editing thousands of daily images.
    • Dedicated Support – 24×7 client support via email to cater to all photo retouching requirements.
    • Industry Best Practices – Streamlined process in place for fast and accurate delivery of retouched stock images. 
    • Swift Turn Around Time – Quick delivery and service level agreement (SLA) within a 24-hour turnaround time. 
    • Vast Experience – Over a decade of experience in professional stock photo editing, retouching, and enhancement.
    • ISO Certifications – ISO 9001 & 27001 certified photo retouching company for superior quality and data security.
    • Scalable, Flexible Delivery – We deliver top-quality stock photo editing results per the client’s time zone.

    HDR Image Blending Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Outsource Stock Photo Editing Services. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert at Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    A stock photo is a pre-existing photograph available for licensing and use by individuals, businesses, and organizations for various purposes. Professional photographers or agencies usually take these photos and often categorize them by subject matter, themes, and concepts. Stock photos are commonly used in advertising, marketing materials, websites, blogs, presentations, and other creative projects where high-quality images are needed.

    When someone purchases a license for a stock photo, they are granted the right to use the image according to the terms specified by the licensing agreement. The terms of use can vary and may include factors such as the duration of use, the number of copies or impressions, and whether the image can be used exclusively or non-exclusively.

    Stock photo websites provide a platform for photographers to showcase and sell their images to potential users. Users can search for and purchase the images they need from these websites, usually at a cost based on factors like image resolution and usage rights.

    Stock photo retouching services involve editing and enhancing stock photos to improve their visual appeal, correct flaws, and make them more suitable for various uses. Professional retouching can transform a raw or unpolished image into a high-quality and visually appealing asset that meets clients’ specific needs, whether for advertising, marketing, or other creative projects. These services are typically offered by graphic designers, photo editors, and retouching experts like Retouching Labs.

    The experts at Retouching Labs offer various stock photography retouching services, including (but not limited to): 

    • HDR Editing
    • Noise Removal
    • Image Culling
    • HSL Correction
    • Shadow Removal
    • Color Correction
    • Curve Adjustment
    • Custom Retouching
    • Lighting Correction
    • Reflection Correction
    • Sensor Spot Elimination
    • Stock Photo Restoration
    • Clipping Path And Masking
    • Removal Of Unwanted Objects
    • Spot, Blemish, And Dust Removal
    • Chromatic Aberration Correction  
    • Removal Of Trademarks, Logos, Etc.
    • Adjustment Of Saturation And Exposure
    • Wrinkle Removal, Skin Smoothening, And Teeth Whitening For Models

    Choose Retouching Labs to get a dedicated photo editing team armed with the knowledge and expertise of the latest photo editing tools. 

    The experts at Retouching Labs are experts at: 

    • Image retouching to isolate foreground objects
    • Retouching to fix lighting issues, colors, and exposure
    • Image retouching for both stock and microstock images
    • Photo retouching for commercial models and photoshoots

    Retouching Labs considers delivery quality an extremely crucial matter. So, we have multiple checkpoints in place to speed up image processing and reduce the number of errors. 

    Our QA process includes the following steps: 

    • Production QA – A production QA supervisor continuously monitors the stock photo editing process, ensuring all the edits conform to the client’s demands. 
    • Post-Production QA – After the editing, the Post-Production QA Manager checks all the work for any irregularities and sends the faulty ones back for corrective edits.
    • Pre-delivery QA – The production manager ensures the final image quality by batch-selecting edits and inspecting them for irregularity. Only then are the pictures sent to the client.

    Retouching Labs offers a free trial to help customers judge our service quality. Please start your free trial today!

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