Digital picture restoration is a challenging but important part of photo editing. Old photo restoration helps make your damaged, faded photographs look brand new. Restore images easily using Adobe Photoshop or working with a professional. 

Damaged photo restoration is essential to fixing issues like water, mold, and sun damage. Furthermore, you can make your old photos look better by colorizing black-and-white images. 

Do you want to preserve your precious family memories forever? Then, you should read this image restoration article to know more about the benefits, importance, and types of restoration. 

Let’s get started!

What is Photo Restoration?

A Man Standing in a Black and White Image Before Photo Restoration
Figure 01: An Old, Damaged Photo of a Man
A Man Standing in a Black and White Image After Photo Restoration
Figure 02: Digitally Restored Photo of a Man

Photo Restoration, also known as Digital Picture Restoration, uses restoration tools to create digital versions of images while improving image quality and repairing any damage.

Digital photograph restoration recovers the original look of a digital version of a physical photograph that has natural, man-made, or environmental damage.

Old photo restoration has existed for a while but has become widely used with digital photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and good-quality scanners. 

Regular people can now try to restore images to their original condition. Furthermore, photo restoration services are available for professional damaged photo restoration. 

Importance of Picture Restoration

Old photo restoration is essential to preserve historical memories by repairing damaged or aging photographs. 

Picture restoration brings new life to old, torn, or faded photographs. As a result, the restoration process makes old pictures look as close to their original state as possible. 

Photographic restoration also helps preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the human race. For example, photographs of important historical events and cultural practices tell the story of the previous generations and must be preserved. 

Benefits of Photo Restoration

Why should you restore your old photos? There are numerous reasons for old photo restoration, including the following:

  • Preserve Precious Memories
  • Fix Problems with Old Photographs
  • Easily Store and Share Old Pictures Online
  • Colorize Old Photographs
  • Enlarge Old Photos
  • Helps Historians with Genealogy

Preserve Precious Memories

The most obvious benefit of picture restoration is to preserve old memories. For example, have you ever discovered a stash of old family photos with your grandparents? These memories are unforgettable, so photo restoration is helpful to bring these physical images into digital and fix any issues. 

Fix Problems with Old Photographs

You probably have many old photographs of your grandparents and parents. However, these photographs can be damaged over time due to natural or environmental causes. 

In that case, picture restoration helps fix the problems in your old, damaged photos.

For example, old photo restoration can remove scratches, folds, fading, tears, and many other damages! The final result is a picture that looks as good as the original! 

Easily Store and Share Old Pictures Online

The problem with old photographs are that they are non-digital. However, you can use advanced scanners to accurately make the old photo digital. Then, damaged photo restoration can make the photograph look amazing.

Digital copies of photos can be stored safely for the long term. Furthermore, you can easily share these precious photos online. 

Colorize Old Photographs

Color photographs only became common during the 1970s. So, most photos clicked before that were in black and white. 

You can use restore images and colorize them with amazing results! Professional color correction specialists can make your old photos look like they were captured in color!

Enlarge Old Photos

Many old photographs may be in good condition, but small in size. Digital picture restoration can capture your photos electronically and also enlarge them. As a result, you can print the images for use in frames and posters!

Helps Historians with Genealogy

Amateur and professional historians study family histories and trace their origins with Genealogy. Photographs are an important source of tracking information from the past 150 years. As a result, historians benefit from digital photograph restoration to find details only seen once the photos are fixed. 

Types of Photo Restoration

Are you wondering what types of image restoration there are? Every type of digital restoration first includes digitally scanning photographs. Then, the edits are done on photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

There are several types of picture restoration, including:

  • Black and White Photo Colorization
  • Recreate Missing Pieces
  • Fix Faded Photos
  • Repair Damaged Photos
  • Repair Ripped and Torn Photos
  • Old Photo Retouching
  • Sharpen Old Photos
  • Combine Multiple Old Photos

Black and White Photo Colorization

Turn black and white photos to color using digital restoration tools. Bring your old photos back to life by adding colors accurately. As a result, ensure your historical family photos look high quality with B&W photo colorization. 

A Woman Before Black and White Photo Colorization Services
An Old Black and White Photograph
A Woman After Black and White Photo Colorization Services
Black and White Photo Colorized

Recreate Missing Pieces

Do you have old photographs with missing pieces? Then, you can digitally recreate the missing parts based on the information in the rest of the photo. 

Of course, digital recreation has its limitations. For example, if a person’s entire face is missing from a photograph, recreating it can be challenging or downright impossible. 

A Woman Before Recreate and Restore Missing Pieces
An Old Photo With Cracks and Missing Pieces
A Woman After Recreate and Restore Missing Pieces
Digitally Restored Photo With Missing Pieces Added

Fix Faded Photos

Photos can fade over time due to dust, air, smoke, and chemical exposure. Are some of your old photographs faded and losing color? Then, you can fix faded photographs using color correction tools. 

A Woman Before Faded Photo Correction Service
A Faded Photo
A Woman After Faded Photo Correction Service
Digitally Restored Photo

Repair Damaged Photos

Old photos can be physically damaged by water, mold, and other elements. In that case, you can digitally restore damaged photos using Adobe Photoshop.

Before Photo Restoration Service: Fold and Scratch Damage Repair
Folded and Scratched Old Photo
After Photo Restoration Service: Fold and Scratch Damage Repair
Digitally Repaired Photo

Damaged photo restoration includes the following:

  • Water Damage Restoration 
  • Mold Damage Restoration
  • Sun Damage Restoration

Repair Ripped and Torn Photos

Old photographs can be ripped or torn due to mishandling over the years. You can restore the photo by gluing it digitally if you have all the ripped pieces. Then, the missing details can be recreated based on the information from the rest of the photo. 

Old Photo Retouching

Are your old photos full of coffee stains, scratches, and other blemishes? You can fix that by retouching! Enhance your antique photos with professional photo retouching to fix color and make other adjustments. 

Sharpen Old Photos

You must sharpen your old photos after fixing the damage. Sharpening helps make every object in the photo look clearly defined. For example, you can make old blurry photos look instantly sharper with Photoshop. 

Combine Multiple Old Photos

Merge photos of your loved ones to create a complete portrait using digital photo editing tools. Many times, grandparents pass away before the grandchildren are born. In that case, you can combine photos of the grandparents and grandchildren to create a lovely portrait! These memories are precious and will be cherished by the grandchildren forever. 

History of Photo Restoration

In the past, photo restoration was done physically. First, a professional photographer or artist would use retouching paints and darkroom skills to change the black-and-white photo. Then, a new copy was created of the restored photo. 

The early process of photo restoration was expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, sometimes the edits were made to the original copy, destroying the original forever. 

After the advent of digital photo editing tools and scanners, photographic restoration has become much easier and cheaper. Nowadays, an old image can be restored flawlessly, and B&W images can be turned into color. 

What is the Future of Photo Restoration?

The future of digital picture restoration is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-powered photo restoration will be capable of automatically repairing old photos. So, people will be able to enhance their old photographs with just a click of a button. 

Advanced digital restoration will still require human input. However, basic tasks will become easier with the help of AI-based image restoration tools. As a result, the time to digitally repair and restore photos will reduce a lot. 

Wondering what old photo restoration types are trending right now? 

Some of the popular picture restoration trends include:

  • Combining Multiple Old Photographs to Create Collages
  • Converting Black and White Photos into Color
  • Adding Missing People to Create Family Portraits

Photo Restoration Skills

Want to learn digital photograph restoration? Or are you looking to hire a professional photo restoration specialist? Either way, you will benefit from knowing the skills required to restore images. 

Must have skills of a picture restoration expert:

  • Mastery of Adobe Photoshop 
  • Attention to Detail
  • Able to Recreate Missing Pieces
  • Good Idea of Color to Colorize B&W Images
  • Research and Endless Curiosity
  • Professional Retouching Ability

Photo Restoration Software

Photo restoration software help make your old photos look as good as new. You can use the following image restoration tools to fix the damage, colorize, and fix other imperfections. In fact, some common photo editing software and apps can also do image restoration.

The top photo restoration software includes the following:

  • GFP-GAN 
  • Luminar Neo
  • Retouch Pilot
  • PhotoGlory PRO
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • VanceAI Photo Restorer

How To Restore Old Photos?

Want to resurrect your old images? Bring your antique family photographs back to life with Adobe Photoshop. The following section describes the process of restoring damaged photos to make them as good as new. 

Photo Restoration Step-by-Step Process 

The ten-step process for restoring images is as follows:

  1. Scan The Photo Using A Camera Or Digital Scanner
  2. Import Your Old Photo Into Photoshop
  3. Create A New Layer To Make Adjustments
  4. Crop Ragged Borders
  5. Apply The Photo Restoration Filter
  6. Use The Spot Healing Brush To Remove Dust And Scratches
  7. Use The Clone Stamp Tool To Erase Lines Or Cracks
  8. Use The Burn And Dodge Tool To Recreate Shadows And Highlights
  9. Colorize Your Photo If Needed
  10. Export Your Restored Photo


In conclusion, digitally restoring images can breathe new life into faded, damaged, and torn photographs. 

Photo restoration by a professional can repair, enhance, retouch, and colorize black-and-white images. 

Restoring your photos is essential to preserving historical moments and precious familial memories. If you want to restore your photos yourself, please follow the steps described in this article. I hope you can recover lost memories of your loved ones with picture restoration! 

Thanks so much for reading my work! If you found the information on image restoration interesting, please let me know in the comments! 

Photo Restoration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Digital Photo Restoration. 

How can I restore my old pictures?

Use a tool like Adobe Photoshop to restore your images. Adobe provides a neural filter for photo restoration. The photo restoration neural filter uses artificial intelligence (AI) to fix lots of problems automatically.

Can old damaged photos be restored?

Yes, old damaged photos can be digitally restored. You can work with a professional or do the adjustments yourself using Photoshop and other tools. However, it depends on the amount of damage. For example, a completely destroyed photo with minimum details will be challenging to restore.

How much does it cost to digitally restore a photo?

A professional restoration specialist or company will charge a minimum of $50 to restore your photo. However, depending on the complexity, the cost can rise to $500! So, you would do well to use free tools like Photoshop or AI-based software like VanceAI Photo Restorer to see if it can do the job. If it is not enough, then you can hire a professional.

What is the best way to restore old photos?

The first step should be manually cleaning photos using a soft brush and lukewarm water. Doing so removes dirt and dust. Then, you should use a high-quality scanner to get a digital copy of your image. Finally, use photo editing software like Photoshop to fix the image digitally.

Should I restore my old photos myself?

If you have the ability to use photo editing software like Photoshop, then go for it! Furthermore, various AI-based tools do much of the restoration work for you. A word of caution for AI tools; they are not perfect. They can do basic alterations, but you need a professional for high-quality results.

How do you fix old, grainy photos?

You can fix old, grainy photos using Adobe Lightroom. First, find and click on the noise reduction option. Then, adjust the Luminance, Detail, and Contrast to make the image look sharp and focused.

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