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Are you looking for quick and professional photo cutout services? Retouching Labs is a leading photo cutout service provider company offering cutout photo editing services. Photographers, online retailers for Amazon, Shopify, and eBay, advertising agencies, web designers, digital studios, and other businesses come to Retouching Labs for low-cost image cutout services. Join our list of satisfied list of clients by ordering picture cutout services!

Photo Cutout Services Retouching Labs Provide

Photo cutout service provider company Retouching Labs provides a wide range of image cutout services. You can outsource background cutout service to our team of professionals for affordable and quick results.

Photo Cutout Services Offered by Retouching Labs:

  • Basic Image Cutout
  • Simple Image Cutout
  • Medium Image Cutout
  • Complex Image Cutout

Basic Image Cutout

Retouching Labs offers basic image cutout services to photographers and eCommerce businesses. It is the most accessible cutout service as it just requires a single clipping path. These kinds of cutout subjects have a simple shape that is easy to select. Furthermore, the image can have no holes for easy cut-off. 

Basic Photo Cutout Services Are Suitable For Round or Curved Products Like

  • Eggs
  • Mice
  • Balls
  • Mobiles
  • Watches
Before After Before Basic Clipping Path ServicesAfter Basic Clipping Path Services

Simple Image Cutout

Retouching Labs offers simple image cutout services for slightly more challenging photos. The products remain the same with one crucial difference. Simple background cutout service covers curved products with a single hole. Furthermore, the number of paths and anchor points is increased and slightly more complex than the basic image cutout service. 

Simple Photo Cutout Services Are Suitable For Curved Products With a Hole Like

  • Mug
  • Cap
  • Shoes
  • T-shirt
  • Camera
Before After An Umbrella Before Easy Photo Background Removal ServicesAn Umbrella After Easy Photo Background Removal Services

Medium Image Cutout

Retouching Labs offers medium image cutout services for products with multiple holes and curved shapes. Our experts use many anchor points and paths in the medium picture cutout service. Furthermore, the images contain a few embedded transparencies. As a result, this service is more complex than the basic and simple cutouts. 

Medium Photo Cutout Services Are Suitable For

  • Group of Shoes
  • Group of Tanks
  • Group of Clothing
Before After Before Medium Clipping Path ServicesAfter Medium Clipping Path Services

Complex Image Cutout

Retouching Labs offers complex image cutout services for complex geometric shapes and group photos. Our experts must apply many paths and anchor paths that take a lot of expertise and time. In addition, these objects have double holes, net, and gate shapes. So, work with our photo cutout service provider company for the most intricate cutouts. 

Complex Photo Cutout Services Are Suitable For

  • Fence
  • Chains
  • Bicycle
  • Jewelry
  • Doll Sets
  • Hair or Beard
  • Christmas Tree
  • A Bucket Of Flowers
  • Chair With Complex Shapes
Before After Before Super Complex Clipping Path ServicesAfter Super Complex Clipping Path Services

Benefits of Photo Cutout Services

What are the benefits of image cutout services? Photo cutout is a popular business because almost every industry benefits from it. Retouching Labs is a photo cutout service provider company with many years of experience. Here are some of the advantages of background cutting for businesses.

Remove Unwanted Objects

Raw photos have unwanted clutter that diverts people’s attention. So, photo cutout services help get rid of unwanted things. If done professionally, there will be no noticeable defects. As a result, you may increase your product sales by professionally presenting them.

Increase the Center of Attention

Image cutout services improve the image’s focus. By getting rid of everything except the main subject, you increase the chance of grabbing the audience’s attention. Thus, you can sell better and stand apart from the competition with sleek-looking images.

Present Products Properly

Want to make your products stand out? Present your products professionally by first cutting out the background. Then, we will replace the backdrop with a plain white bg.

Increase Image Flexibility

The image cutout service increases your flexibility. For example, you can cut out the image to change its colors. Furthermore, you can add filters and effects and perform retouching.

How Does Retouching Labs Perform Photo Cutout Services?

Retouching Labs is a leading photo cutout service provider company. The experts at Retouching Labs first plan what to cut out based on your requirements. They perform research and analysis to ensure the cut-out goes well. Let’s explore how the professionals at Retouching Labs perform image cutout services.

Step 1: Create Clipping Paths Around the Objects

Use the Photoshop pen tool to draw clipping paths around the hard edges of the object. On the other hand, soft edges require other selection tools like masking.

Step 2: Inspect the Accuracy of the Clipping Paths

After the path tracing is complete, we stop to inspect the work. Any remaining rough edges are smoothed out, and modifications are made to ensure accuracy.

Step 3: Separate the Subject from the Background

Once the clipping path is confirmed, we identify and copy the area from the image to a new layer. Furthermore, we use the Photoshop Mask option and apply a layer mask to keep the subject part for more complex objects. This is the final step if the client just wants image cutout services.

Step 4: Change the Background and Add Shadows

Most clients do not just want to remove the image’s backdrop. Instead, they wish to add a custom background, primarily white. Thus, we change the background according to the client’s request. Then, to make the image look realistic, we add shadows. However, do note that this step has an additional cost.

Step 5: Perform Quality Assurance (QA), then Export

After completing all the edits and verifying its quality, we are ready to share your file over a file-sharing platform like Dropbox or another similar service.

How Retouching Labs Works

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    Why Retouching Labs' Professional Photo Cutout Services?

    Retouching Labs is a professional photo cutout service provider company providing image cutout services with a quick turnaround. Are you an online retailer or an eCommerce store? You may need some professional product photos to post online. In that case, outsource photo cutout services to Retouching Labs!

    We are very good at image cutout service while maintaining resolution. Furthermore, after the picture cutout, you can request photo color correction, retouching, manipulation, and additional enhancements. For example, our experts perform Amazon photo editing and eBay image editing to prepare your cutout images for uploading to eCommerce platforms! 

    For the following reason, you can choose Retouching Labs for your background cutout services partner:

    • Cut out images using Photoshop.
    • Offer expertise for background cutout service.
    • Special photo cutout services for eCommerce.
    • Suitable for any type of Photoshop cutout service.
    • Capable of photo cutout for DSLR or smartphone photos.

    Photo Cutout Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Photo Cutout Services. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert at Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    Photo cutout is a photo post-production technique that separates and highlights an object from its background. First, the object is picked and then “cut out” using several Photoshop techniques. As a result, the object is separated from its background. The experts use a lot of different methods to do hand-drawn cutouts, like Clipping Path, Multi-Clipping Path, Image Masking, Deep Etching, and so on.

    Speed and quality of the picture cutout are always our priority. The cost of background cutout services depends on many factors. For example:

    • The number of holes/sections to cut out. 
    • How many images to work on (bulk images may receive a discount)? 
    • How fast do you want your pictures cut out? Faster services cost more.

    Retouching Labs provides online image-cutting services to meet your needs. We accommodate bulk photo cutout services for online shops and photographers at low prices. Follow these steps to order image cutout services from Retouching Labs: 

    1. Look at the services offered on Retouching Labs’ website. 
    2. If you like our cutout results, click on the free trial to go to our contact form. 
    3. Fill out the form with your details. 
    4. Retouching Labs will get back to you with a quote.

    Image cutout services are helpful in almost every industry. For example, picture cutout services are essential for the eCommerce industry, like for eBay and Amazon images. Furthermore, it’s a massive help for product photography. 

    Clients use photo cutout services to store images on a white or transparent background for their online stores. Then, they can retouch and improve the photos to make them look better. For example, imperfections, like wrinkles or dirt, are removed, and specific colors can be smoothed or changed.

    Picture cutout helps present the subject better by isolating and removing the main item. Some of the parties that need photo cutout services include the following:

    • Publishers
    • Print Houses
    • Digital Studios
    • Photographers
    • Liaison Houses
    • Product Sellers
    • Fashion Businesses
    • Web Design Studios
    • Photography Studios
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Ecommerce Marketers/Businesses
    • Online Retailers For Amazon, Shopify, And eBay

    Most eCommerce platforms require product photos on a plain white background. Thus, eCommerce businesses must cut out their product image regularly. Furthermore, photo cutouts help retouch the product as a next step.

    Retouching Labs has the experience to handle and deliver background cutout services in bulk. Our professional team of graphic designers and retouchers can go through a large number of images. Thus, you will receive all your cutouts well within the delivery timeline.

    The photo cutout process can take from 30 minutes up to hours, depending on the complexity of your task and quantity. Furthermore, you will get an initial project time estimation time when you receive your confirmation. In most cases, the finished cutout files go directly into your email once it’s done.

    Yes, you can use automated photo cutout apps to remove the background! But, the work may be of a lower quality. 

    Automated photo cutouts are extremely fast (a few seconds), don’t need any instructions, and offer a consistent service. However, the work is usually inaccurate, especially for anything more than a simple object. 

    On the other hand, a professional photo cutout service provider company like Retouching Labs offers hand-crafted clipping paths and selections that are more accurate. However, note that the service is slower than an automated system and can sometimes be a bit expensive.

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