Food Photo Editing Services

Want to make your food pictures look delicious? Outsource food photo editing services to Retouching Labs to make your food photography look appetizing. The experts at Retouching Labs will transform your food photos for your restaurant menu, healthy lifestyle blog, food magazine, or social media profiles. Contact us now to avail food photography editing services!

Food Photo Editing Services Retouching Labs Provide

Food photography is all about framing and enhancing the colors of the food item on display. Well-edited food pictures can make your customer go crazy over the food and beverage. 

Retouching Labs excels in creating stunning food photos with our professional food photography editing services. As a result, you gain credibility among your customers and peers. 

Whether you want to edit food photographs for cookbooks, food blogging, or advertisements, our processes, and expertise will ensure you leave fully satisfied.

Food Photo Editing Services Offered by Retouching Labs:

  • Bottles Retouching
  • Food Photo Cropping
  • Glass Glare Removal
  • Food Recipes Editing
  • Shapes Defects Fixing
  • Mirror Effect for Food Photos
  • Adding Shadows to Food Pictures
  • Contrast, Hue, and Color Adjustments 
  • Food Photo Background Replacement
  • Objects Removal from Food Photograph

Bottles Retouching

Make your bottles look clean with Retouching Labs’ photo retouching services. Our retouchers make your bottles look crystal clear with advanced retouching techniques. Furthermore, we can create liquid and bottle composites to add effects like smoke, ice, splashes, and more. So, work with our food photo editing service provider company to get started! 

Bottles Retouching Services Applied

  • Get Rid of Glares
  • Add Bottle Reflections
  • Remove Yellow Undertones
  • Remove Fingerprints on Bottles
  • Create Composites With Effects (Smoke, Splashes, Ice, etc.)
Before After

Food Photo Cropping

You should order this food photo retouching service if you need to keep your food in focus. The experts at Retouching Labs skillfully crop your food photo to put the focus on the food while keeping the background less noticeable. As a result, your food will be the centerpiece in a snap with many ingredients. 

Food Photography Editing Applied

  • Change Food Photo Aspect Ratio
  • Show Your Food from a Different Perspective
  • Crop Out Distractions from Your Food Picture
  • Converting Horizontal Food Photography to Vertical
Before After

Glass Glare Removal

This food retouching service involves polishing the glass in shots making it less bleak and eliminating unnecessary glare. We can work with different types of small and large glass objects, making them look flawless. Outsource food photo editing services to get started!

Food Photography Editing Services Applied:

  • Polish the Glass
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Glare
  • Get Rid of Unwanted Reflections
Before After

Food Recipes Editing

Retouching Labs offers food recipe editing services to help food photographers, magazines, and businesses make their recipes more attractive. We are a dedicated food photo editing service provider company with many years of experience in this industry. 

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied

  • Improve Colors in Food Images
  • Remove Fingerprints from Plates
  • Remove the Background of Food Images
  • Replace Background in Food Recipe Pictures
Before After

Shapes Defects Fixing

Uneven-looking food can look unappealing to viewers. However, if you have food pictures with defects in the shape, you can fix them quickly with Retouching Labs. Our experts will improve the shapes to make the food look more accurate and well-defined. 

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied:

  • Get Rid of Uneven Edges
  • Adjust the Shape of the Food
Before After

Mirror Effect for Food Photos

Retouching Labs is a shadow creation expert with expertise in creating the mirror shadow effect as a reflection shadow. Your food images will look high-end with accurate mirror reflections for a true-to-life fading effect. So, contact our food photo editing service provider company to get started!

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied:

  • Create Accurate Reflections of the Food
  • Apply the Mirror Effect for a Premium Look
Before After

Adding Shadows to Food Pictures

Is your food photo looking unrealistic? An excellent way to remedy that is by adding shadows to food pictures. For example, the shadows are lost if you remove your food photo’s background. In that case, our food photo editing service provider company will return the shadows for a realistic look. 

Food Photo Editing Services Applied:

  • Drop Shadow Creation
  • Natural Shadow Creation
  • Existing Shadow Creation
Before After

Contrast, Hue, and Color Adjustments

Are your food pictures looking dull? You can fix that quickly with color correction! Retouching Labs offers contrast, hue, and color adjustments as part of our food photography editing services. So, outsource food photo editing today to make your food images eye-catching and delicious! 

Food Photography Editing Services Applied:

  • Hue Adjustments
  • Color Correction
  • Contrast Correction
  • Saturation Adjustments
Before After

Food Photo Background Replacement

Instantly make your food photo more appealing with professional background replacement. Retouching Labs is a background removal company helping replace any food picture background with a more appealing one. So, outsource food photo editing services to us for top-class bg replacement!

Food Photo Editing Services Applied

  • Blur Food Photo Background
  • Replace With a Complex Background
  • Replace With a Single Color Background
  • Make Food Photo Background Transparent
Before After

Objects Removal from Food Photographs

A cluttered food picture can lead to uninterested viewers. Make your food photographs stand out by only keeping elements that complement the picture. For example, you can work with our food photo editing service provider company to remove props, unwanted items, and more. We perform object removal without a trace. 

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied:

  • Remove Unwanted Props
  • Get Rid of Unimportant Objects
  • Remove Distracting Items from Food Picture
Before After

Additional Food Photography Editing Services

Food photography aims to capture the finer details of the dishes. These small things are what make food photographs truly memorable. If your food pictures don’t look as delicious as they should, contact our food photo editing service provider company. The food photo editing specialists at Retouching Labs will improve colors, replace the background, and make the entire composition look appetizing and grab the user’s attention.

Additional Photo Photography Editing Services Offered by Retouching Labs:

  • Food Photo Editing Services for Bloggers
  • Food Photography Editing Services for Recipes
  • Color Correction and Food Retouching Services
  • Food Photo Editing Services for Advertisements
  • Food Photography Editing Services for Online Food Delivery Cafes
  • High-Quality Food Photography Editing Services for Restaurant Menus

Food Photo Editing Services for Bloggers

Social media and the ease of making websites have led to the fast growth of food blogging. As a result, food bloggers can reach millions of users instantly and achieve fame. So, Retouching Labs offers extensive food photography editing services for bloggers.

Many renowned bloggers rely on Retouching Labs to add that extra bit of excellence to their food photos. We deliver these images optimized for their blog, for example, Instagram layouts, stories, and other digital channels. 

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied:

  • Color Correction
  • Background Enhancement
  • Remove Unwanted Objects
  • Resize and Optimize for Social Media
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Food Photography Editing Services for Recipes

Food without professional retouching can look dull, no matter how tasty it is in real life. Retouching Labs’ high-end food photography editing services aim to improve food images for use in cooking websites and cookery books. 

People visiting such cooking websites or culinary blogs want to clearly understand how their food will look when following the recipes. So, the experts at Retouching Labs remove distracting items and highlight ingredients using color correction, shadows, and brightness adjustments.

Furthermore, all images showing different cooking stages are edited similarly to maintain consistency.

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied:

  • Background Fixing
  • Resizing/cropping
  • Replace Background
  • Overall Improvement
  • Reflections Removal
  • Contrast Enhancement
  • Clipping Path Services
  • Make Background Blurred
  • Removing Unnecessary Objects
  • Making Colors Vivid And Bright
Before After

Color Correction and Food Retouching Services

Retouching Labs make your food pictures look delicious and appetizing by improving colors and performing general photo retouching. Our experts know how to make colors look vibrant yet realistic so your clients feel hungry when they open the menu. 

In addition, we thoroughly examine each aspect of a food image to ensure it looks yummy. For example, green veggies and fruit look juicier, and meat dishes look less oily. Get in touch with Retouching Labs if this is the type of food photography editing service you are interested in.

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied:

  • Clipping Path
  • Defects Editing
  • Overall Improvement
  • Drop Shadow Adding
  • Color/Light Correction
  • Replace The Background
  • Background Enhancement
Before After

Food Photo Editing Services for Advertisements

Food advertising aims to make the viewer want to order the dish on display. So, food advertisements need to be precise with the targeting to achieve this longing. Retouching Labs offers food photo retouching services for ads to fit the goals and moods of your target audience.

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied

  • Adjust Color Balance
  • Remove All Imperfections
  • Format According to Ad Requirements
Before After

Food Photography Editing Services for Online Food Delivery Cafes

Online food delivery services must display food photographs that look realistic. People will want their dish to look exactly like it does online. So, the main rule of food photo retouching for online food delivery cafes is no over-photoshopping. 

The experts at Retouching Labs understand this and perform regular color correction, and remove unwanted glare and reflections to achieve a flawless look. As a result, your online food picture looks livelier and more saturated. 

Another critical edit for online food delivery services is to clean up the background. Thus, they can ensure that all attention is on the food and drinks on sale. If the initial background is unsuitable, Retouching Labs can replace it with a pure white background or something related to the food. 

Food Photo Retouching Services Applied:

  • Light Correction
  • Background Cleanup
  • Overall Improvement
  • Making Colors Bright
  • Imperfection Removal
  • Contrast Enhancement
  • Background Replacement
  • Unwanted Reflections Removal
Before After

High-Quality Food Photography Editing Services for Restaurant Menus

Food photos for advertising, social media, restaurant menus, and websites require the highest quality. In addition, your food photos can be a powerful marketing tool to attract and hold onto customers. Thus, Retouching Labs offers food photo retouching services to fix and enhance pictures.

The experts at Retouching Labs study the aesthetics of your restaurant’s menu and edit photos following your brand style. Then, our retouchers perform deep color correction, add natural shadows, remove unwanted objects, replace the background, fix mirroring issues, and more.

So, outsource food photo editing services to Retouching Labs and receive your improved images quickly. 

High-End Food Photo Editing Services Applied:

  • Defects Editing
  • Objects Removal
  • Drop Shadow Adding
  • Photo Color Correction
  • Background Enhancement
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    Food bloggers, magazines, photographers, chefs, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other stakeholders trust Retouching Labs. We have built a solid rep for doing the right retouches that keep the soul of the food while making them more attractive. You should outsource food photo editing to Retouching Labs if your food images don’t look as yummy.

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    • Discounts for bulk orders and regular customers
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    • Special discounts for outsourcing bulk food photo retouching services
    • Meet the image quality standards for printing, magazines, websites, and publications
    • Complete photograph security – we don’t use your photos commercially without permission.
    • Experience working with photographers, businesses, amateurs, models, sellers, studios, etc

    Food Photo Editing Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Food Photo Editing Services. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert at Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    Retouching Labs provides food photo retouching services to various clients, including: 

    • Cafes and Bars
    • Food Magazines
    • Food Photographers
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Supermarkets and Outlets
    • Food Bloggers and Reviewers
    • Celebrity Chefs and Cookbooks
    • Marquee Restaurants and Hotels

    Retouching Labs offers the following key advantages:

    • 24×7, Responsive Support.
    • We Assure The Highest Level Of Quality Assurance.
    • Economical Rates Delivering True Value For Your Money.
    • The Security And Privacy Of Your Data Are Non-negotiable.
    • Support For Popular Formats Like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, Etc.
    • State-of-the-art Infrastructure For Reliable Service Delivery.
    • Well-rounded Food Photo Editing Services Without Cutting Corners.
    • A Team Of Experienced, Well-trained, And Creative Food Photography Editing Professionals.
    • Proficiency Latest Software Like Adobe Photoshop Cs And Cc, Adobe Lightroom, and Paintshop Pro, Among Others.

    Some of the photo editing services offered by Retouching Labs include the following:

    • Mirror Effect
    • Drop Shadow
    • Path Clipping
    • Glare Removal
    • Defects Editing
    • Flatlay Creation
    • Color Modification
    • Resizing/Cropping
    • Bottles Retouching
    • Background Bokeh
    • Watermark Removal
    • Color/Light Correction
    • Imperfections Removal 
    • Professional Retouching
    • Background Replacement
    • Complex Backdrop Extension
    • Labels Addition/Removal/Change
    • Contrast/Sharpness Enhancement
    • Highlights/Shadows Enhancement
    • Solid Color Background Extension

    Easy, send us a couple of photos for trial! Retouching Labs will promptly get back to you, and you will judge the quality of our service. If satisfied, you can outsource food photo editing services to Retouching Labs.

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