Creative Photo Manipulation

Transform your photos into creative photographs for use in magazines, billboards, covers, business invites, product advertisements, packaging, and social media.

Our experts use their in-depth knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to craft innovative, thought-provoking photos that push the boundaries of creative image manipulation.

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Stop wasting money on overpriced Creative Photo Manipulation Services!

Prices Start at Just $6.99.

Our Creative Photo Manipulation Services

Photo Morphing

Before Photo Manipulation: Adding Special EffectsAfter Photo Manipulation: Adding Special Effects

We offer photo morphing to seamlessly blend two or more images into a smooth transition. This creates a visual effect where one image gradually transforms into another.

Price: Starting from $6.99
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Photoshop Photo Compositing

Before Mercedes Car Product Photo EditingAfter Mercedes Car Product Photo Editing

We offer photo compositing services to combine elements from multiple photographs to create a single, unified image. You will achieve a seamless and believable final product.

Price: Starting from $6.99
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Photo Creative Collage Creation

Before Photo Montage/Collage ServicesAfter Photo Montage/Collage Services

We offer photo collage creation to assemble multiple photographs, illustrations, or other visual elements onto a single canvas. It allows for the creation of visually engaging narratives or thematic presentations.

Price: Starting from $6.99
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Photoshop Image/Photo Blending

Before Photo Manipulation Service - Professional Stylization and Background ChangingAfter Photo Manipulation Service - Professional Stylization and Background Changing

Our photo blending service seamlessly merges elements from multiple photographs into one complete photograph. Bring your ideas to life with our expert Photoshop blending services!

Price: Starting from $6.99
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Pricing Plan



Per Image
  • Retouching Pricing List Photo Blending
  • Retouching Pricing List Photo Morphing
  • Retouching Pricing List Photo Compositing
  • Retouching Pricing List Photo Creative Collage Creation


Per Image
  • Retouching Pricing List HDR Photo Blending
  • Retouching Pricing List Advanced Photo Morphing
  • Retouching Pricing List Advanced Photo Compositing
  • Retouching Pricing List Advanced Creative Collage Creation

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Before Creative Jewelry Editing ServicesAfter Creative Jewelry Editing Services

Imaginary Digital Photo Manipulation Services

The true magic of photomontage and photo manipulation lies in its boundless imagination and creativity. Transform any photograph, cherished or flawed, into a visual masterpiece.

Photo manipulation transcends basic editing, reaching the realm of fine art. These techniques require not only photographic expertise but also artistic mastery. Disparate elements are seamlessly combined, not through software presets, but with a skilled artist’s touch.

Our team of photo manipulation specialists are your visual architects. Armed with cutting-edge tools and a keen eye for detail, they possess the expertise to address any image challenge and bring your vision to life.

Imaginary digital photo manipulation services offered:

  • Double-exposure effects
  • Combine real world and fantasy landscapes
  • Add surreal artwork to product advertisements
Price: $ per image
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Before Ecommerce Product Image Compositing ServicesAfter Ecommerce Product Image Compositing Services

Types of Creative Photo Manipulation

We are an experienced creative photo manipulation service provider company.

We Offer Many Types Of Creative Photo Manipulation, Including:

  • Object Addition – Adding Objects, People, And More To An Image.
  • Object Removal – Removal Of Unwanted Objects And People.
  • Watermark Removal – Remove Watermarks From An Image.
  • Red Eye Removal – Remove Red Eyes That Usually Occur When Using A Flash.
  • Photo Conversion – Convert Entire Photographs Into Sketches, Cartoons, Paintings, And More.
  • Imperfection Removal – Remove Stains, Spots, Blemishes, Wrinkles, And More.
  • Object Manipulation – Manipulate Entire Objects While Changing Their Size, Color, Hue, And More.
  • Background Replacement – Replace A Dull Mundane Background With An Exciting One In Your Image.
  • Watermark Addition – Add Your Chosen Watermark To Your Image.
Price: $ per image
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Before eCommerce Product Photo Manipulation ServicesAfter eCommerce Product Photo Manipulation Services

Where Is Creative Image Manipulation Required?

Are you wondering if you need creative photo manipulation services? We are a leading creative photo manipulation service provider company helping businesses and photographers in their imaginative needs

Our Creative Image Manipulation Works its Magic In:

  • Advertising: Impress customers with visually enhanced product imagery.
  • Magazine Covers: Create eye-catching covers that encapsulate a magazine’s content.
  • Banners: Design engaging banners that blend text and images for clear communication.
  • Offer Brochures: Showcase discounts and promotions with visually appealing product presentations.
  • Social Media: Enhance the visual appeal of personal and professional profiles.
  • Websites: Create compelling product displays and highlight special offers.
Price: $ per image
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Before Outsource Montage Photo Editing ServicesAfter Outsource Montage Photo Editing Services

Why Outsource Creative Photo Manipulation Services to Retouching Labs?

Whether it’s a brochure, website, social media post, or e-commerce listing, the first impression your image is crucial. Our expert creative image manipulation ensures flawless delivery, maximizing audience engagement and driving successful marketing campaigns.

We offer the following benefits:

  • Data Security
  • Experienced Team
  • Option to Scale Up
  • High-quality Service
  • Short Turnaround Time
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Round the Clock Support
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
Price: $ per image
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Client Reviews

I have to say that they were very prepared to do that and they were always in time very punctual they delivered what they promised and they were always delivering even prior to what I was expecting.

Client Testimonial - Ms. Frosina Bollo Owner of a eCommerce Business
Frosina BolloeCommerce Buisness

We have been working with them a few weeks now and I'm really satisfied with their work and the best thing about them in my opinion is their work ethic. They really showed me several times that they're willing to put all efforts.

Client Testimonial - Mr. Kent Chief Operating Officer Studio in Finland
KentChief Operating Officer

I have been working with them for some time now and the work is to the highest quality standard and very happy keep doing what you're doing guys. I have never had a problem with them they are the best of what they do from what I have seen in my experience.

Client Testimonial - Mr. Christopher Fahey Owner of a Digital Marketing Agency
Christopher FaheyDigital Marketing

I am very pleased with the outcome of my pictures! The correspondence was prompt and gave me all the information I needed without asking. It was a very seamless process and myself, and my client are very happy and satisfied.

Common Client Thumbnail
Cris KnottIndividual

You all have been so great to work with. Your response times and delivery times have always been fast and direct. Communications have also been great. One thing I would say could be beneficial overall would be just to ask a few more questions about projects if there is ever any uncertainty or confusion with a request. We really appreciate all of the hard work you all have done for us and we look forward to working with you all again in the future.

Client Testimonial - Mr. Nick D’Andria, Jr. Art Director at Chil & Co.
Nick D’AndriaJr. Art Director
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