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Retouching Labs is a Creative Photo Manipulation Service Provider Company with experienced graphic designers capable of professional creative image manipulation. Creative photo manipulation services require innovative thinking for creative, abstract, and thought-provoking images. Furthermore, the creative professionals at Retouching Labs are skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As a result, we provide insightful photo manipulation to make your pictures suitable for magazines, product advertisements, and more. So, get in touch with us to outsource creative photo manipulation services!

Creative Photo Manipulation Services Retouching Labs Provide

Retouching Labs offers various creative image manipulation services to bring your imagination to life. First, our graphic designers brainstorm about what the client wants to create. For example, does the image need to convey a particular message or information, or is it just for fun? Then, we begin the creative image manipulation process to bring the ideas the reality. So, feel free to outsource creative photo manipulation services to our experts and see the magic results!

Creative Photo Manipulation Services Offered By Retouching Labs:

Photo Morphing

Retouching Labs offers photo morphing to modify two or more images to achieve the perfect photo. Our designers crop and extract the best parts of the image and replace them with another image. We apply photo morphing techniques to create composite images of products that help improve the quality. Thus, you can outsource creative photo manipulation services to us and get professional photo morphing. 

Our Creative Photo Manipulation Service Provider Company Offers:

  • Linear Morphing
  • Animal Morphing
  • Crossfade Morphing
  • Feature-Based Morphing
  • Age Progression/Regression
Before After Before Photo Manipulation: Adding Special EffectsAfter Photo Manipulation: Adding Special Effects

Photoshop Photo Compositing

Retouching Labs creates photo composites to give an abstract look to your image. A photo composite is a high-end image collage that places various objects on a background to create a single-themed photograph. The experts at Retouching Labs have experience selecting backgrounds, objects, lighting, color balance, brightness, contrast, and other features of the photo composite. 

Our Creative Photo Manipulation Service Provider Company Offers:

  • Image Collection for Compositing
  • Adding the Central Element to the Composite
  • Creating Scene Depth 
  • Add Colors to Set the Mood
Before After Before Mercedes Car Product Photo EditingAfter Mercedes Car Product Photo Editing

Photo Creative Collage Creation

A photo collage combines multiple images into a single visual arrangement. Retouching Labs offers professional photo creative collage creation services. Our experts make the required resizing, repositioning, and rotation and layer them in the digital canvas. The result? A stunning collage that looks straight out of a professional photo session. So, get in touch with Retouching Labs to outsource creative photo manipulation services. We will create photo collages according to your preferred format and layout.

Before After Before Photo Montage/Collage ServicesAfter Photo Montage/Collage Services

Photoshop Image/Photo Blending

Photo blending is a marketing tactic where two or more photographs are blended in Photoshop to create a helpful image. The experts at Retouching Labs use gradient and layer masks to create product packaging, magazine covers, posters, ads, and more. So, outsource creative photo manipulation services to showcase your product fully. 

Our Creative Photo Manipulation Service Provider Company Creates the Following With Image Blending:

  • Surreal Artwork
  • Fantasy Landscapes
  • Product Advertisement
  • Double Exposure Effects
Before After Before Photo Manipulation Service - Professional Stylization and Background ChangingAfter Photo Manipulation Service - Professional Stylization and Background Changing

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    Why Retouching Labs’ Professional Creative Photo Manipulation Services?

    Retouching Labs is a globally trusted photo manipulation company. We offer clipping path, image masking, color correction, shadow creation, and more alongside our creative photo manipulation. Our experts are proficient with Photoshop’s pen tool, move tool, lasso tool, brush tool, clone tool, magic wand tool, color palate, layer palate, adjustment layer, and more. 

    Clients approach Retouching Labs to create magazine covers, creative product images, book covers, advertisements, and other materials. We deliver clever manipulations that convey the messages of the client. As a result, it helps improve our client’s social media, website, and physical marketing materials. 

    Benefits of Choosing Retouching Labs as Your Creative Photo Manipulation Service Provider Company: 

    • We can handle various formats like JPEG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, PNG, and RAW. They use advanced workstations that easily convert formats and make desired edits.
    • Our strict quality control ensures clients receive only the finest manipulated images. A step-by-step process with thorough checks also speeds up completion.
    • Our experts are skilled in photo manipulation. They understand retouching, spotlighting, printing, color therapy, and perspective changes. This guarantees top-notch manipulation services.
    • We excel in using various manipulation software. Our workstations feature licensed tools and proprietary plug-ins. Furthermore, we use software like Adobe Photoshop cc, Eye Candy, Chromatica, and KPT.
    • At Retouching Labs, we prioritize top-notch security for our clients. Our databases, servers, and IT assets are all highly secure.
    • Retouching Labs is your solution if you’re on a fixed budget with limited resources. Our industry-specific creative photo manipulation pricing model considers factors like turnaround time, photo type, and project complexity to offer proactive options.

    Creative Photo Manipulation Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the creative manipulation of photos. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert at Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    Creative photo manipulation involves altering and enhancing photographs creatively and artistically to produce visually striking and imaginative images. It involves using various techniques and software tools to combine elements and adjust colors, textures, and lighting. It often includes adding or removing objects or people from the original photograph. Creative photo manipulation aims to produce images that evoke emotions, tell stories, or convey unique concepts that may not be achievable through traditional photography alone.

    Retouching Labs follows the following process when a client approaches us to outsource creative photo manipulation services. 

    1. The client thoroughly explains their creative needs.
    2. The client will send the original images to our team using secure methods like FTP.
    3. Our team assigns the images to our skilled image editors and manipulators.
    4. Our team uses up-to-date photo editing tools and technologies to enhance the images.
    5. Our quality analysts meticulously review the final images to guarantee their perfection.
    6. Once the images successfully pass the quality assessments, we return the completed pictures to the client.

    We provide creative photo manipulation services to various industries and verticals worldwide. Here’s a list of sectors where we’re a prominent provider:

    • Jewelry Brands
    • Fashion Studios
    • Portrait Studios
    • Publishing Houses
    • Online Apparels Shop
    • Real Estate Companies
    • Electronics Photography
    • Online Automobile Store
    • Online Sports Accessories

    Creative image manipulation services are used to create new things. For example, you can make the following: 

    • Gallery
    • Postcard
    • Magazines
    • Letterhead
    • Newspapers
    • Book Covers
    • Web Template
    • Business Card
    • Advertisements
    • Advertisements
    • Product Brochure
    • Greeting Template
    • Product Packaging
    • Magazine Cover Images

    Apart from the 4 services described above (photo compositing, blending, morphing, and collage), the experts at Retouching Labs perform the following: 

    • Watermark removal – Remove watermarks from an image.
    • Object addition – Adding objects, people, and more to an image.
    • Object removal – Removal of unwanted objects, items, and people from the image.
    • Photo conversion – Convert entire photographs into sketches, cartoons, paintings, and more.
    • Object manipulation – Manipulate entire objects while changing their size, color, hue, etc.
    • Background replacement – Replace a dull, mundane background with an exciting one in your image.
    • Imperfection removal – Remove an image’s stains, spots, blemishes, wrinkles, and other imperfections.
    • Red-eye removal – Red eyes usually occur when using a flash, and our experts can remove these distracting elements from your image.
    • Watermark addition – Watermarks protect your brand’s image while preventing theft, and we easily add your chosen watermark to the photos.

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