Multi-Clipping Path Services

Outsource multi-clipping path services to Retouching Labs for complex images. Get hand-drawn path separation for better color correction and retouching. We are a multi-clipping path service provider company specializing in hand-drawn edits. So, send your complex-shaped objects with embedded holes to Retouching Labs. Our clipping path experts will trace multiple clipping paths using Photoshop’s pen tool to isolate your objects accurately.

Multi-Clipping Path Services Retouching Labs Provide

Retouching Labs offers hand-drawn clipping paths with careful attention to detail. The result? Perfect clipping path and clean edges. As a result, your clean and natural-looking photos will help increase the conversions of your customers. 

Multi-Clipping Path Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers the Following:

  • Basic Multi-Clipping Paths
  • Simple Multi-Clipping Paths
  • Medium Multi-Clipping Paths
  • Complex Multi-Clipping Paths

Basic Multi-Clipping Paths

Basic multi-clipping paths are suitable for objects where both the interior and exterior of the shape have a few smooth or straight edges. So, basic multi-clipping path services are excellent for simple objects with different areas or interior parts that need to be edited.

Types of Objects Suitable for Basic Multi-Clipping Paths:

  • Smartwatches
  • Opaque Two-tone Containers And Boxes
  • Modular Desks, Tables, Chairs, and Stools
  • Electronics With Screens That Require Separate Paths For The Device And The Screen
  • Sunglasses Or Eyeglasses That Require Separate Paths For The Lenses And The Frames
Before After Before Basic Clipping Path ServicesAfter Basic Clipping Path Services

Simple Multi-Clipping Paths

Simple multi-clipping paths are suitable for objects with interiors and exteriors with a few straight or curved edges. These objects are slightly more complex than basic multi-clipping paths, as they have numerous interior areas. So, outsource multi-clipping path services to deal with groupings of simple objects.

Types of Objects Suitable for Simple Multi-Clipping Paths:

  • Groupings Of Dishes, Mugs, Or Cutlery
  • Number Of Solid Color Towels, Sheets, Or Other Linens In Different Colors
  • Grouping Of Similar, Solid Color Objects Like Jackets Or Folded Dress Shirts
  • One, Simple Object With More Than Two “Holes,” Like Claw Hair Clips Or Tire Rims
Before After Before Easy Clipping Path ServicesAfter Easy Clipping Path Services

Medium Multi-Clipping Paths

Medium multi-clipping paths are suitable for photos of complete outfits or very complex garments with multiple color possibilities for each part. 

Types of Objects Suitable for Medium Multi-Clipping Paths:

  • Garments With Complicated Clasps Or Ties
  • Models Wearing Multiple Garments Like Pants, Shirts, And Accessories
  • Complex, Isolated Clothing Like Fully Customizable Footwear Or Jacket/shirt/tie Combinations
Before After Before Medium Clipping Path ServicesAfter Medium Clipping Path Services

Complex Multi-Clipping Paths

Some images are very complex, and multi-clipping paths must be used with other photo editing techniques to isolate the object fully. Thus, complex multi-clipping paths cost more than other clipping path services because several methods are applied to the photo to achieve a seamless image.

Types of Objects Suitable for Complex Multi-Clipping Paths:

  • A Group Of Multiple People
  • A Group Of Multiple, Dissimilar Objects
  • Images With More Than One Furry Or Fuzzy-edged Product
  • Complex Jewelry With Intertwined Links Or Multiple Gemstones
  • Furniture With Multiple Cut-outs, Like Chairs With A Mesh Backing
  • Complex Objects With Multiple “Holes,” Like Bicycles Or Pet Crates
Before After Before Super Complex Clipping Path ServicesAfter Super Complex Clipping Path Services

Multi-Clipping Path Service Categories

Bulk Multi-Clipping Path Services are a part of the general clipping path service. Retouching Labs is a multi-clipping path service provider offering various categories of multiple clipping paths. 

Bulk Multi-Clipping Path Service Categories Offered by Retouching Labs:

  • Model Image Multi-Clipping Path
  • Clothing Image Multi-Clipping Path
  • Accessories Image Multi-Clipping Path

Model Image Multi-Clipping Path

Multi-clipping path services for model images are used for both humans and fashion objects. For example, model photos with complicated clothing and accessories require multi-clipping paths for individual editing. Furthermore, objects with many embedded holes benefit from outsource multi-clipping path services. 

Multi-Clipping Path Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers the Following

  • Fashion Photo Multi-Clipping Path
  • Model Photo Multiple Clipping Path
  • Background Removal for Model Image With Multi-Clipping Paths
Before After Before - Photo Retouching with Clipping Path ServiceAfter - Photo Retouching with Clipping Path Service

Clothing Image Multi-Clipping Path

Apparel, garments, and clothing presentations need multiple clipping path services to create separations in several places. Clothing photos often have unwanted or mismatched backgrounds. Retouching Labs help isolate the clothing with bulk multi-clipping paths. 

Multi-Clipping Path Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers the Following:

  • Color Separation for Clothing Image
  • Retouching with Multi-Clipping Path 
  • Clothing Photo Multi-Clipping Path for Color Correction
Before After Before - Multiple Clipping Path ServicesAfter - Multiple Clipping Path Services

Accessories Image Multi-Clipping Path

Complex accessories like bracelets with many holes and multi-colored bags require multiple clipping path services to isolate them. So, accessories photos for offline and online marketing benefit from a outsource multi-clipping path to separate each part. After separation, the image can be further edited by masking, shadow creation, or retouching. 

Multi-Clipping Path Service Provider Company Retouching Labs Offers Multiple Clipping Path Services for the Following:

  • Chains
  • Watches
  • Bracelets
  • Ornaments
  • Multi-Colored Bags
Before After A Handbag Before Background Removal With Clipping Path ServicesA Handbag After Background Removal With Clipping Path Services

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Cost of Multi-Clipping Path Services Offered by Retouching Labs

Pricing of Bulk Multi-Clipping Path Services from Multi-Clipping Path Service Provider Company Retouching Labs. Outsource multi-clipping path by selecting the plan that is right for your unique requirements.

Multi-Clipping Path Services

$per photo


Basic Multi-Clipping Paths - $1.19
Simple Multi-Clipping Paths - $2.29
Medium Multi-Clipping Paths - $6.49
Complex Multi-Clipping Paths - $10.99

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    Why Retouching Labs' Professional Multi-Clipping Path Services?

    Images for fashion catalogs, clothing/garment items, jewelry items, eCommerce products, interior design, web template design, and more benefit from outsource multi-clipping path. Retouching Labs helps businesses with bulk multi-clipping paths for future color correction, shadow creation, background editing, and other enhancements. The multi-clipping path is one of Retouching Labs’ core services.

    For the following reason, you can choose Retouching Labs for your multi-clipping path partner:

    • Affordable prices start from $1.19 per photo
    • Enhance a large number of pictures per day
    • Ensure all photo enhancements are consistent
    • Discounts for bulk orders and regular customers
    • A large team of professional photo editors in all genres
    • Professionally calibrated monitors for accurate image editing
    • You will work with a retoucher who follows your editing style
    • Fast multi-clipping path service turnaround even during peak season
    • Meet the image quality standards for printing, magazines, websites, and publications
    • Experience working with photographers, businesses, amateurs, models, sellers, studios, etc

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