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Visualize the future look of your listings with professional virtual renovation services. Retouching Labs is a virtual renovation service provider company committed to helping buyers visualize their dream homes with photo-realistic and affordable virtual home renovation and remodeling. So, turn your idea into reality with Retouching Labs’ virtual renovation design services!

Virtual Renovation Services Retouching Labs Provide

Retouching Labs offers virtual home renovations at varying costs as part of our real estate photo editing services. Our experts create virtual renovation designs to help you put yourself in the builder’s shoes and see what works in your space. So, whether it’s minor detailing like wall colors or replacing the entire floor, you will have a vision before making the changes! As a result, you will save lots of time and money for renovations!

Virtual Renovation Services Offered By Retouching Labs:

Change Floor

Retouching Labs is a virtual renovation service provider company offering change floor services for real estate. Not happy with your property’s flooring? Our experts add new flooring or replace the texture or colors of the existing floor to showcase your property’s renovation potential. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Offers Change Floor Services at $5 Per Image

  • Replace Flooring
  • Change the Texture of the Existing Flooring
Before After

Add Fixtures

Fixtures are objects permanently attached to the property. Well-placed fixtures give a home character. So, the experts at Retouching Labs add fixtures during virtual remodeling to help imagine how the property can look and feel. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Adds the Following Fixtures at $8 Per Image

  • Doors
  • Shutters
  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Staircase
  • Fireplace
  • Wardrobes
  • Light Fittings
  • Wall Mount TV
Before After

Add Deck/Pool

Retouching Labs improve your property’s exterior by adding a deck or pool. It is a part of our outdoor virtual renovation design. As a result, you can win new clients by showing high-end, completed designs. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Adds the Following at $15 Per Image: 

  • Add Pool Only
  • Add Decking, Patio, Balcony, or Veranda
  • Add Pool Surrounds (Pool Furniture, Water Feature, Safety Fencing)
Before After

Change Ceiling

The perfect ceiling design can give a home an exclusive look. Retouching Labs offers beautiful ceilings as part of our virtual home renovation services. So, order virtual remodeling from our experts and be amazed at the results!

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Change the Ceiling from $5 Per Image:

  • Replace Ceiling
  • Change Ceiling Color
  • Change the Texture of the Existing Ceiling
Before After

Change Wall Color

Walls in boring colors can make the entire property look dull. A fresh coat of wall paint can do wonders for your property. So, the experts at Retouching Labs make properties look fresh by changing the wall texture or color. As a result, buyers can visualize living in a beautiful, renovated property. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Change the Wall Color from $5 Per Image:

  • Replace Walls
  • Wall Color Changing
Before After

Virtual Landscaping

Retouching Labs helps showcase your property with beautiful virtual landscaping. Our experts perform basic or advanced virtual landscaping design that creates the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Offers Virtual Landscaping from $8 Per Image:

  • Plants
  • Hedges
  • Driveways
  • Pot Plants
  • Vegetation
  • Lawn Replacement
  • Basic Landscaping
  • Add Leaves To Existing Trees
Before After

Virtual Kitchen Remodel

A beautiful, inviting kitchen plays a significant role in selling a home. The virtual renovation designers at Retouching Labs visually transform a dated kitchen into a modern, remodeled kitchen. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Offers Virtual Kitchen Remodeling from $15 Per Image:

  • Add, or Complete Kitchen Fit Out
  • Add Fixtures And Structures
  • Replace Flooring
Before After

Virtual Bathroom Remodel

Make the best of your bathroom remodel and see what works with the available space. The experts at Retouching Labs perform virtual bathroom remodeling to help the buyer visualize themselves owning the property. As a result, your bathroom looks perfectly designed and functional. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Offers Virtual Bathroom Remodeling from $15 Per Image:

  • Replace Flooring
  • Complete Bathroom Fitout 
  • Add Essential Fixtures and Structures (Cabinets, Mirrors, Bath, etc.)
Before After

Renovation Clutter Removal

Retouching Labs offers real estate item removal services to improve virtual home renovation. Our experts digitally declutter your property to enhance its visual appeal. As a result, your home looks clean and inviting to potential buyers without any distractions. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Offers Virtual Renovation Clutter Removal from $8 Per Image:

  • Virtual Clutter Removal
  • Space Optimization
  • Organize the Room
Before After

Full Interior Virtual Renovation

Retouching Labs offers virtual home renovation services to real estate agents and businesses. Get our complete interior virtual renovation services to transform your properties and attract potential buyers digitally. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Offers the Following:

  • Staging
  • Virtual Redesign
  • Lighting Enhancements
  • Color and Material Selection
Before After

Full Exterior Virtual Remodel Service

Retouching Labs offers complete exterior virtual house remodeling services to help buyers visualize the outdoors of a property. Our experts enhance the curb appeal of your property by digitally renovating its exterior. 

Our Virtual Renovation Service Provider Company Offers the Following:

  • Add Landscaping Elements
  • Digital Renovate the Facade
  • Change Exterior Paint Colors
Before After

Virtual Remodeling Of Landscape Design

Retouching Labs offers virtual renovation design services to transform your landscape digitally. We help showcase your property’s outdoors full potential and improve its look and feel. So, outsource virtual home renovation services to Retouching Labs for expert advice and recommendations. 

The experts at Retouching Labs perform virtual remodeling of your landscape by adding the following

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Lounges
  • Day Beds
  • Garden Areas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Dining Sets
Before After

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    Why Retouching Labs' Professional Virtual Renovation Services?

    Do you want to sell your property faster? The experts at Retouching Labs can bring your vision to life! For example, we can virtually remodel your kitchens and bathrooms to spacious living areas and stylish exteriors. Make your property stand out in the market by ordering virtual home remodeling that gives it the wow factor it deserves. Combined with virtual staging, we transform properties into professionally designed real estate. 

    The experts at Retouching Labs help with various virtual remodeling and home renovation, including

    • Roof Replacement
    • Driveway Editing
    • Full Transformation
    • Adding Light Fixtures
    • Advanced Landscaping
    • Complete Refurbishing
    • Adding Pool Surroundings
    • Installing A Swimming Pool
    • Object Removal (Decluttering)
    • Adding Interior Decor Elements
    • Wall, Floor, And Ceiling Replacement
    • Virtual Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling
    • Adding Decor Elements And Furniture Pieces

    Virtual Renovation Services FAQs

    Got a Question? Retouching Labs is here to help! Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Virtual Home Renovation Services. If you need more questions answered, please get in touch with an expert at Retouching Labs for a free consultation.

    Virtual renovation and remodeling help reimagine a property and renovate it completely. The advantage is that the time and resource investment is lower than what a real-world renovation would need. 

    For example, the virtual renovation and remodeling process includes updates to many structural elements like: 

    • Walls
    • Flooring
    • Paint changes
    • Kitchen remodels
    • Backyard improvements
    • Drywall or ceiling updates

    Virtual remodeling and renovation help prepare a property for different generations. For example, different types of property buyers have different tastes and design style preferences. Catering to all types of real estate clients is a challenging job, and we get that! So, Retouching Labs offers virtual home renovation services that make it a breeze to change the property.

    Virtual remodeling is changing the form of something. For example, you can add a new modular kitchen to an existing kitchen). Meanwhile, virtual renovation is storing the old with good repair. For example, fixing a creaky floor is renovation.

    It is best to provide a high-resolution image and a reference design style with notes for any specific requirements you need us to deliver.

    Yes! Our experts can virtually renovate home exteriors like decks, patios, swimming pool sides, porches, and gazebos. Furthermore, we can change the building’s exterior and landscaping.

    Yes, you can! Retouching Labs offers you the most popular design styles you can choose from.

    Design styles for virtual home renovation offered by Retouching Labs: 

    • Glam
    • Modern
    • Coastal
    • Industrial
    • Traditional
    • Farmhouse
    • Scandinavian
    • Contemporary

    Are you interested in renovating your property but still determining the final outcome? Then, you will benefit from virtual home renovation services! Virtually remodel the property without the hassle of making physical changes. 

    Benefits of virtual renovation services include: 

    • Better Listing Appeal
    • Increase buyer interest
    • Variety of design options
    • Sell an unfinished property

    Retouching Labs works with both residential and commercial properties of any size or condition.

    No, we will not. As the name of this service implies, we offer virtual renovation services using software to help visualize how your property can look.

    Yes, we can! You can choose specific areas that need renovation and will only be charged for that.

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