Free background removal software is used to remove objects from the background easily. So why should you use photo background removers? Background eraser software helps you remove background from images easily. 

Ever wanted to remove random people or unnecessary objects from your photo? You can do that with the BG remover tools in this article! Free background removal tools help replace existing backdrops with suitable ones. Furthermore, such background removers are handy for creating collages and designing ads. 

What is a Photo Background Remover?

A Photo Background Remover is a piece of software that allows you to highlight the subject(s) of an image and remove the background. They are fantastic when you want to remove objects from the background. 

Why use a Photo Background Remover?

Not every photo is taken in a professional photography studio. So, removing the imperfect backgrounds (and replacing them) will make your image look professional.

Types of Background Removal Software

What are the different types of bg removers out there? 

There are various types of background removal software, including

  • Online Image Background Removers
  • Mobile Photo Background Removal Apps
  • Desktop Photo Background Removal Software

The most popular types of image background removers are the simple, one-click online options. However, these photo bg removers are unsuitable for complex images with multiple subjects and rugged edges. In that case, you must use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to manually apply clipping paths or image masks and remove the background from images. 

Top Free Background Removal Software

The list of free background removal software contains tools suitable for beginners and professionals. The best free background removal software includes the following: 

  • InPixio Remove Background 
  • GIMP 
  • Icons8 Background Removal 
  • Background Eraser
  • PhotoMix
  • Inkscape 
  • Fotor Background Remover
  • PicMonkey 
  • Leawo Photo BG Remover
  • Clipping Magic
  • CutOut.Pro 
  • VistaCreate 
  • Background Remover by Imgkits
  • AutoClipping
  • Magic Eraser Background
  • Background Eraser Mobile 
  • Depth Background Eraser
  • Ultimate Background Eraser 

Let’s explore each of these bg removers and understand their pros and cons. 

Send Your Photos for Professional Background Removal

Are these free background remover tools not doing the job? Get top-quality and realistic bg removal from any photos.

InPixio Remove Background 

The top choice for photo background remover software. 

Pros of Using InPixio Remove Background Software

  • Free-to-use. 
  • Easy for beginners and novices.
  • Web-based background removal.
  • Can select brush size for accurate selection. 

Cons of Using InPixio Remove Background Software

  • None. 

Verdict of InPixio Remove Background Software

InPixio’s free background remover is an excellent option for beginners. You can easily select any part of the image and remove it. In addition, it is a free, web-based bg removal tool, so you don’t have to download any software on your computer. 

InPixio Remove Background Software offers an easy-to-navigate interface with resizable brushes. So, you can accurately select the part of the image you want to remove. However, you don’t need to use the brush. InPixio allows you to click on any background color and it can automatically remove the background. 


The top free background eraser software for professionals.

Pros of Using GIMP as a Photo Background Remover

  • A variety of options.
  • Handy layering tools.
  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Advanced photo editing features.

Cons of Using GIMP as a Photo Background Remover

  • Difficult to use for beginners.
  • Cannot save files in the CMYK format (used for printing). 

Verdict of Using GIMP an Image Background Remover

GIMP is a free photo editing software with background removal capabilities and other handy tools.

Professionals will enjoy using GIMP to remove bg from their photos. They can use the Free Select features to manually select a basic shape object. On the other hand, GIMP offers Intelligent Scissors to draw freehand borders accurately. So, professionals can use it to select complex-shape objects and remove the background. 

In conclusion, GIMP is a solid option as a free background removal software. 

Icons8 Background Removal 

The best bg remover for both beginners and professionals.

Pros of Using Icons8 Background Removal Software

  • Free to use.
  • Doesn’t degrade the image quality.
  • Simple, and beginner-friendly user interface.
  • Quick & automatic background (bg) removal.

Cons of Using Icons8 Background Removal Software

  • Maximum image size is only 5 MB.
  • Suitable only for clearly defined subjects.

Verdict of Using Icons8 Background Removal Software

Icons8 Background Removal Software is an AI bg remover with outstanding features. They include automatic background removal with a single click. You can use the zoom tool to check the edges of the edited image before downloading it.  

Using Icons8 for photo background removal is simple. Just select the “Browse” button to upload your picture (or drag and drop). Then, the AI automatically removes the background! However, the results are not very accurate for complex shapes. Another problem is that the free version is limited to only 3 images for bg removal. 

In conclusion, no additional effort from you is needed to remove photo backgrounds using Icons8 bg removal software.

Apowersoft Background Eraser

Best for Quick Background Removal.

Pros of Using Apowersoft Background Eraser

  • Has built-in templates.
  • Easy to navigate user interface.
  • Suitable for novices and beginners.
  • Can remove background automatically (has auto-mode).

Cons of Using Apowersoft Background Eraser

  • The software provides a free trial for just three uses. 

Verdict of Using Apowersoft Background Eraser

Apowersoft Background Eraser offers a simple, well-designed, and easy-to-use interface suitable for beginners. It uses AI technology to automatically select your object with high precision. 

You can use the useful tools provided in the Background Eraser to enhance any background in several clicks. Furthermore, it offers background replacement with either basic colors or the available built-in templates. 

However, one major caveat of the Apowersoft Background Eraser is that it’s not truly free, with the trial offering 3 images only. If you want to use it further, you must pay. 


Supports a wide variety of file formats. 

Pros of Using PhotoMix as a Photo Background Remover

  • Intuitive user interface (UI).
  • Many creative layout options.
  • Offers many filters for editing.
  • Allows downloading a lot of content.

Cons of Using PhotoMix as a Photo Background Remover

  • Complicated installation.
  • No printing service. 

Verdict of Using PhotoMix as a Photo Background Remover

PhotoMix is a freeware software for quick background removal. One of the main advantages of PhotoMix is its support for many file forms like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.

While PhotoMix is complicated to install, once you have it installed you can easily delete any background and add a suitable background. For example, you can upload your photos and use the Eraser or Color Eraser to quickly remove the unnecessary parts. 

Furthermore, this bg remover has useful menu tabs so you can seamlessly work on background, foreground, and composite images.


Excellent cross-platform photo editing software for bg removal.

Pros of Using Inkscape for Photo Background Removal

  • Completely free to use. 
  • Support for cross-platform.
  • Excellent file format support.
  • Active community with useful extensions.

Cons of Using Inkscape for Photo Background Removal

  • Mac version has slight issues.
  • Processing can be a little slow.

Verdict of Using Inkscape for Photo Background Removal

Inscape is a cross-platform and well-organized photo editing software. 

It is a powerful photo editing tool for diverse tasks. However, for just background removal you can use the Clipping tool in Inkscape. While the clipping tool doesn’t cut out parts of the image, it makes it less visible. So, you can use it to add shadows, reflections, and highlights. 

Fotor Background Remover

Best online photo background remover.

Pros of Using Fotor to Remove Image Background 

  • Free to use.
  • Simple to master.
  • No sign-up is required.
  • Many useful filters and effects.

Cons of Using Fotor to Remove Image Background

  • Need to pay for HD and watermark removal.

Verdict of Using Fotor to Remove Image Background

Fotor is a powerful photo editing software used by professionals. So, the developers have also provided a free background remover for one-click background removal. 

Fotor’s background remover is incredibly easy to use. Just upload the image and let the software do its thing! Then, you have the option to change the background color and theme from a selection of filters and effects.

In conclusion, Fotor background remover is a useful online image background remover that is simple to use. 


Suitable for bloggers & Instagram shooters.

Pros of Using PicMonkey for BG Removal

  • Text tools.
  • Offers cloud storage.
  • Delivers top-notch results.
  • Easy to navigate user interface.

Cons of Using PicMonkey for BG Removal

  • Annoying ads.

Verdict of Using PicMonkey for BG Removal

PicMonkey is perfect for professionally editing pictures. It is an excellent free background removal software. 

Using PicMonkey is incredibly easy. Just click the Remove bkgnd button from the image tools offered by PicMonkey. That’s it! After a few seconds, you will get an image with the background removed and saved to the cloud. 

Furthermore, this free background remover is quite fast and offers additional tools for further editing. For example, you can add pro effects or edit out any unnecessary detail.

Leawo Photo BG Remover

Useful for removing backgrounds from complex-shape objects.

Pros of Using Leawo Photo BG Remover

  • Quick results.
  • Many export formats.
  • Convenient user interface.
  • Great bg removal tutorial.
  • Supports batch bg removal.
  • Can remove bg automatically or manually.

Cons of Using Leawo Photo BG Remover

  • Unregistered software version applies a watermark to saved photos.

Verdict of Using Leawo Photo BG Remover

Leawo Photo BG Remover is an excellent photo background remover offering both automatic and manual background removal. 

Photo BG Remover uses an intelligent algorithm to accurately scan clipping edges and pinpoint the area to be removed. Thus, the automatic background removal process is incredibly accurate. 

Moreover, you can adjust manually for difficult and complex objects like hair or fur for better accuracy. Then, you can replace the background with a solid color or any other image. 

In conclusion, Leawo Photo BG Remover makes the removal of backgrounds from complex objects a simple process. 

Clipping Magic

Great Freeware Background Eraser Software. 

Pros of Clipping Magic for BG Removal

  • Great for low-contrast edges.
  • Can preview the photo before downloading.
  • Impressive speed, easy UI, and accurate results.
  • Detects and deletes the background automatically.

Cons of Clipping Magic for BG Removal

  • Lack of support for various formats.

Verdict of Clipping Magic for BG Removal

Clipping Magic is a great free bg removal tool that works accurately and with little effort. Just upload your photo and the service will remove the background automatically. 

Easily cut out an object in a low-contrast background by using the Scalpel option. So, Clipping Magic is suitable for complex objects like separating hair from a basic background.

You can use the live preview option to prevent unnecessary mistakes. In conclusion, Clipping Magic is a useful free background removal software. 


Remove backgrounds 100% automatically. 

Pros of CutOut.Pro for Photo Background Removal

  • Many backgrounds to choose from.
  • Beginner-friendly bg removal software.
  • Cross-platform background removal software.
  • Batch processing allows up to 10K photos in one go.

Cons of CutOut.Pro for Photo Background Removal

  • Free version is limited. 

Verdict of CutOut.Pro for Photo Background Removal

CutOut.Pro is an excellent cross-platform background removal tool that offers image cut-out for different image types. For example, you can use CutOut.Pro to to remove faces with their Face CutOut. 

In addition, you can select bg removal for people, animals, sky, objects, vehicles, and much more! So, CutOut.Pro is a very useful tool for removing backgrounds for diverse object types.


Remove the Background from Any Image.

Pros of Using VistaCreate for BG Removal

  • Web-based bg removal tool.
  • 60K+ unique design templates.
  • Many other image customization features.
  • Remove the image background with a few clicks.

Cons of Using VistaCreate for BG Removal

  • Some of the advanced features of VistaCreate are paid.

Verdict of Using VistaCreate for BG Removal

VistaCreate offers a web-based tool for removing backgrounds. It is a very popular free software design kit offering various pre-made formats for social media. 

You can remove backgrounds for people, pets, products, and other objects. So, businesses can use VistaCreate to remove and replace backgrounds for product images. Furthermore, individuals can edit their personal photos to cut out unwanted backgrounds. 

When editing your photos in VistaCreate, you can make the background transparent or delete it easily. Also, add shapes and apply different backgrounds to customize your images. 

Finally, VistaCreate helps you remove unwanted parts and isolate objects, making this an all-rounder with excellent capabilities.

Background Remover by Imgkits

Simple drag-and-drop UI for automatic image background removal.

Pros of Background Remover by Imgkits

  • User-friendly for beginners.
  • Works quickly and seamlessly.
  • Lots of photos with transparent backgrounds.

Cons of Background Remover by Imgkits

  • Lack of support for multiple image formats.

Verdict for Background Remover by Imgkits

Background Remover by Imgkits is a great tool to automatically remove image backgrounds. 

Replace the background with a color of your choice or make it transparent. Additionally, you can browse through many pictures with transparent backgrounds and select the best one. Imgkits provides these assets for free, even for commercial use. 

In conclusion, Background Remover by Imgkits helps you quickly perform bg removal. 


100% online bg remover with an impressive set of effects. 

Pros of Using Background Remover by AutoClipping

  • Artboard for advanced editing
  • Useful video tutorial to learn.
  • Text tools and amazing effects.
  • Clever algorithm for background removal.

Cons of Using Background Remover by AutoClipping

  • Not suitable for large-size images. 

Verdict of Using Background Remover by AutoClipping

AutoClipping has provided a reliable and highly effective online background remover for both beginners and professionals. Just drag and drop any picture to upload it. Then, you will get a detailed guide to get used to the image editing options. 

AutoClipping can automatically detect the areas that you need to remove based on their algorithm. It is perfect for image background removal but does not offer any photo retouching tools. Therefore, you must keep in mind that you will be able to edit the image further. 

In conclusion, AutoClipping is very good at what its name suggests. That is, automatically clipping an object for background removal. 

Magic Eraser Background

Best Background Removal Software for iOS. 

Pros of Magic Eraser Background App

  • Highly useful magic eraser.
  • Easy to master for beginners.
  • High-resolution zooming capabilities.
  • Small minimum size of the brush for precise adjustments.

Cons of Magic Eraser Background App

  • Requires iOS 14.0 or later (so iPhone 6 downwards will not support it). 

Verdict of Magic Eraser Background App

If you are looking for the best mobile photo editing app that allows you to seamlessly remove backgrounds, Magic Eraser Background is a good choice. It is a bg remover for iOS users that is easy to use. 

What makes this background remover app stand out is the Magic Wand option that enables automatic background erasing. Just click an area with the Magic Wand, and the same color background will be removed. 

Easily get transparent backgrounds for logos, product photos, presentations, and more. In conclusion, Magic Eraser Background App is a good option for bg removal on iOS devices. 

Background Eraser by handyCloset

Best Android Background Removal App. 

Pros of Using Background Eraser by handyCloset

  • Free to download.
  • Offers cloud storage.
  • Lightning performance.
  • High-precision magic tool.

Cons of Using Background Eraser by handyCloset

  • No finger pinch to zoom. 

Verdict of Background Eraser by handyCloset

The previous entry described the best bg remover for iOS. Now, the next entry, Background Eraser by handyCloset, is the best background removal app for Android users. 

Background Eraser by handyCloset is a purpose-built background removal application. With this Android app, you can cut out people from one image and add them to another. It is free to use and offers a handy automatic selection tool to quickly remove backgrounds. 

After background removal, you can save the image as a PNG (for transparent backdrops) or JPG to save space. In conclusion, Background Eraser by handyCloset is a good option for Android users looking to remove backgrounds from their smartphones.

Depth Background Eraser

A good background eraser software for iOS. 

Pros of Using the Depth Background Eraser

  • Small file size (PNG). 
  • Simple navigation of the UI. 
  • Can automatically remove backgrounds. 
  • Slider option for background depth and edge softness. 

Cons of Using the Depth Background Eraser

  • Needs iOS 11 or higher.
  • Cannot detect background information that well.

Verdict of Using the Depth Background Eraser

Depth Background Eraser is a cost-effective iOS bg remover app with a unique user interface. For example, when the app selects the background, you can just swipe it to get rid of it. 

You can preview the background removal results for free. However, you will need to enable exporting with a fee of $1.99. Then, you can save the output as a PNG file. 

In conclusion, iOS users will benefit from this easy-to-use background removal software. 

Ultimate Background Eraser 

Good bg remover for Android users with a unique magnifying glass feature. 

Pros of Ultimate Background Eraser

  • Allows adding emoji or text.
  • A well-designed user interface.
  • Can remove the background in one click. 
  • Advanced magnification tool for better precision. 

Cons of Ultimate Background Eraser

  • Annoying pop-ups.

Verdict for Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser is a very popular bg remover app for Android. With over 5 million downloads, it is a great option for beginners. The main reason is the automatic background remover option. Just select the part you want to remove and let the background eraser do its thing. 

Furthermore, a key selling point of the Ultimate Background Eraser is the magnifying glass option that helps you zoom in on a selected part of an image. Thus, you have better precision in background removal. 

What Skills Are Required for Background Removal?

Background removal using the above-mentioned software doesn’t require design skills. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to remove backgrounds with just a single click. So, for example, you can quickly remove the bg for your eCommerce product photos and replace it with a plain white background. 

The most important part of having easy, free, background removal software is that now you can focus on the creativity aspect, instead of the manual work of background removal, and still achieve precise cutout images, with smooth edges. So, eCommerce businesses benefit from simple bg removal.

How To Use Free Background Removal Software?

Using the free background removal software described in this article is simple. Photo background remover software is easier than ever to use. Just follow these steps to quickly remove your image’s background.

Step 0: Download and Install the Background Removal Software 

This step is not applicable to web-based background eraser software. 

Step 1: Open The Application On Your Web Browser, Smartphone, Or Desktop. 

Double-click on the app.

Step 2: Upload the Image.

Step 3: Click on Remove Background.

AI tools typically can detect and remove the background on their own.

Step 4: Download the Background-Free Image.

That’s it, you’re photo background is removed! 


In conclusion, there are various free background removal software you can use. Select the best one after seeing the pros and cons listed. However, there is always personal preference to consider, as you may like one software over the other. 

I hope you benefit from this list of the best free background removal software. If you use a photo background remover that isn’t on this list, please comment below so everyone can benefit from it too! 

Background Removal Software FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about free background removal software. 

What is the best software to remove backgrounds from photos?

Some of the best software for background removal are Apowersoft Background Eraser, Clipping Magic, Auto Clipping, Remove Bg, and PhotoScissors.

What is the best app to remove unwanted objects from the background?

YouCam Perfect, Ultimate Background Eraser, Background Eraser by handyCloset, and Depth Background Eraser are some of the leading bg remover apps.

How do I remove the background of an image without Photoshop?

There are many options to remove the background without Photoshop. These include Clipping Magic, PhotoScissors, and even Word, paint, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

Is there a free background eraser?

There are many free background erasers like InPixio Remove Background, GIMP, and Icons8 Background Removal. You do not have to buy paid software like Adobe Photoshop for simple bg removal.

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