eCommerce photo editing is an essential part of your online store optimization. Attractive product photos ensure customers click on your item listing. Thus, Photo Editing helps increase sales of your products! 

Are you interested in knowing more about eCommerce photo retouching? Then read this eCommerce image editing guide to understand the importance, benefits, and types of online store editing. 

Finally, you will also get a step-by-step eCommerce image retouching process. Following the steps will help you polish the images yourself and increase the revenue of your online store!

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Photography in 2023

What is eCommerce Photo Editing?

eCommerce photo editing refers to the process of enhancing and retouching images used in online storefronts and marketplaces to make them more visually appealing and professional-lookingPhotography and Photo Editing are essential to an eCommerce store.

The goal of eCommerce photo editing is to make the product sold look as attractive as possible to potential buyers, increasing sales and conversions.

An Adjustable Headband Before E-commerce Photo Editing Services
Figure 01: An Adjustable Headband Before E-commerce Photo Editing
An Adjustable Headband After E-commerce Photo Editing Services
Figure 02: An Adjustable Headband After E-commerce Photo Editing

Why is eCommerce Photo Editing Important?

Did you know that 50% of online shoppers say images helped them decide product what to buy? 

eCommerce photo editing is a vital part of your online marketing strategy. 

Consumers love to see what they are purchasing. So, if you cannot provide high-quality photos for your products, you are likely to lose a significant amount of potential customers. 

E-Commerce sites need high-quality images to stand out from millions of other products. Furthermore, images are a crucial element of your business’s branding. 

How do you make your eCommerce website and photos stand out? With eCommerce Photo Editing! 

Benefits of eCommerce Photo Editing

What are the benefits of eCommerce image retouching? Photo Retouching helps give a polished look to your product images. As a result, they look sharp and clean. 

E-commerce photo editing benefits

  • Businesses
  • Photographers
  • Individuals

Benefits of eCommerce Photo Editing for Businesses

A business selling its products online will benefit from eCommerce image editing. Therefore, some of the benefits include:

  • High-quality images can lead to increased sales and conversions.
  • Well-edited images can help highlight your product’s key features and make them stand out from competitors.
  • Consistent and high-quality images across a website or online store can improve your overall brand image and credibility.
  • eCommerce photo retouching can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on taking and editing photos in-house. 
  • Attractive and professional-looking images can increase the perceived value of your products, making them more appealing to potential customers.

Benefits of eCommerce Photo Editing for Photographers

Professional photographers need to edit their eCommerce product photos, regardless of how good they are.

Some of the benefits of editing eCommerce images for photographers are:

  • Deliver top-quality eCommerce product photos that satisfy clients. 
  • Increase their own brand value by giving clients amazing eCommerce photos quickly. 
  • Spend less time perfecting the photo shoot, as imperfections can be edited out in post-production. 

Benefits of eCommerce Photo Editing for Individuals

With the rapid rise of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, online selling is easier than ever. Moreover, any individual can sell their own products online. So, what are the benefits of eCommerce photo retouching for individuals? 

Photo editing helps individuals

  • Stand out from the thousands of other individuals.
  • Gain the trust of consumers as small sellers. 
  • Accurately display their products online.

Types of eCommerce Businesses That Need Photo Editing

Wondering if you need to edit your photo before uploading it to an eCommerce site? Most eCommerce stores have rules for images hosted on their platform. So, businesses get eCommerce product photo editing services to fix their images.

The most popular eCommerce stores that need image editing are

  • Amazon
  • eBay 
  • AliExpress 
  • Rakuten 

Amazon Photo Editing is the largest online retailer in the United States. Thus, sellers must ensure that their product photos follow Amazon’s guidelines. Furthermore, Retouching helps to improve the photo quality, increasing the chances of customers buying the product. 

Photo editors make the following adjustments to comply with’s rules

  • The product must fill at least 85% of the image.
  • Photo size is optimally 1600px or larger on the longest side. 
  • The image must accurately represent the item on sale and match the product title.

The above rules are required for every image on Amazon. However, you can make more adjustments to help the image stand out. 

Want Help With Amazon Photo Editing?

eBay Photo Editing

Make your eBay products look great with Photo Editing! You can use eBay photo editing to resize and crop images for your product listing. 

Other edits you can make

  • Increase the resolution.
  • Replace unattractive backgrounds.
  • Add watermarks to your product images, and much more!

eBay photo editing helps increase the chance of your product selling. 

Want Help With eBay Photo Editing?

AliExpress Photo Editing

Want to increase your chances of selling more products on AliExpress? Then, you should edit, retouch, and optimize your product photos! 

The rules for AliExpress image uploading are:

  • Equal Width and Height (800×800 px or 1000×1000 px)
  • File Size Larger Than 2MB
  • PNG File Format

Besides this, you can replace backgrounds, retouch images, and correct colors. 

Rakuten Store Photo Editing

eCommerce photo retouching is necessary for the Rakuten store. The higher quality product images you have, the more sales opportunity you will get. 

Stunning eCommerce product photos encourage consumers to buy products from Rakuten. The general rules for product images on Rakuten are: 

  • 500×500 px Image Size
  • JPEG or GIF Image File Format
  • White Background with Clean, Sharp Edges

History of eCommerce Photo Editing

eCommerce photo editing has its roots in the early days of online retail. The first eCommerce websites often used basic photo editing techniques like cropping, resizing, and color correction to enhance the look of their product images.

As the eCommerce industry grew and became more competitive, the demand for more advanced photo editing services increased. So, photo editing companies offered a wider range of services like background removal, retouching, and 3D product visualization.

These days, eCommerce photo retouching and editing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Photo editors use powerful software like Adobe Photoshop to create amazing images. As a result, online retailers and eCommerce have continued to grow by a lot. 

What is the Future of eCommerce Photo Editing?

The future of eCommerce photo editing looks promising with advancements in technology. Here are some aspects that will shape the future of eCommerce image retouching.

  • 360-degree Product Photos: Photo editors will create interactive images with 360-degree product views. 
  • Customized Product Photos: Online websites will help customers choose products with their desired modifications (like color). 
  • AR and VR product Experiences: With the rise of AR and VR technology, eCommerce photos will need to be of high quality for virtual experiences.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI will streamline many manual photo editing processes for faster, cost-efficient, and more efficient editing. 

The main trend of eCommerce photo editing is ensuring high-quality product images. 

E-commerce businesses make product photographs look good through editing. Although, trends keep changing the eCommerce image quality can never be compromised. 

Skilled photo editors create high-quality images by Retouching. Also, they perform the following adjustments like cropping, exposure, and brightness edits. 

eCommerce Photo Editing Skills

What skills should your eCommerce photo editor have? In general, eCommerce images need to follow a particular format. 

Common skills required of an eCommerce photo editor:

Deep Cleansing Oil Bottle and Packet Before Shadow Creation Services
Figure 03: Deep Cleansing Oil Bottle and Packet Before Shadow Creation
Deep Cleansing Oil Bottle and Packet After Shadow Creation Services
Figure 04: Deep Cleansing Oil Bottle and Packet After Shadow Creation

eCommerce Photo Editing Tools

Looking to know which photo editing tools will help enhance your eCommerce images? Small eCommerce businesses can use online photo editors to quickly enhance their images. Otherwise, eCommerce owners can invest in powerful desktop photo editing software for advanced edits. Then, for on-the-go editing, mobile photo editing apps are most suitable.

Popular eCommerce image editing tools useful for both individuals and businesses:

  • Photoshop
  • GIMP
  • Pixlr
  • Fotor
  • Canva
  • Befunky
  • ColorCinch
  • Photoscape X
  • Instasize Photo Editor

How To Edit eCommerce Photos?

Are you interested in editing your own eCommerce product images? In this section, you can learn how to edit eCommerce images from start to finish. 

eCommerce Photo Editing Step-by-Step Process

Editing eCommerce photos doesn’t need to be challenging. Instead, you can follow specific steps to output an optimized eCommerce image that impresses customers. 

Edit eCommerce photos using the following ten steps:

  • Plan Out the Edits Required
  • Crop and Straighten
  • Correct the Colors
  • Remove the Product’s Background (and Replace with White)
  • Using Healing Brushes to Fix Imperfections
  • Increase the Sharpness of the Product 
  • Add Appropriate Shadows (Drop, Natural, Reflection)
  • Remove Unwanted Elements
  • Apply Batch Editing Principles for Efficiency
  • Optimize the eCommerce Images for the Web (For Faster Loading)
A Cleanser Before Creative Product Photo Editing Services
Skin Care Products Before Photo Editing
A Cleanser After Creative Product Photo Editing Services
Skin Care Products After Photo Editing

Optional Steps (Only Applicable in Some Cases)

  • Combine Multiple Photos to Create a 3D Product Image
  • Apply a Mirror Effect for Glass and Reflective Products
  • Use Ghost Mannequin Effect to Remove Mannequin from Apparel


Well, there you have it! eCommerce photo editing is a simple but effective process to transform product photos. 

I hope you edit your online store photo! Doing so will help increase the number of potential customers buying your product. 

If you edit your eCommerce images yourself, just follow the above steps! Otherwise, look online for photo retouching companies to help you with the image post-production process. 

eCommerce Photo Editing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on eCommerce photo retouching and editing. 

What website/tool do photographers use to edit photos?

Adobe Photoshop is the gold standard for photo editing software. It’s used by professional photographers, graphic designers, and eCommerce businesses worldwide. Photoshop is an incredibly powerful program used to create anything you can imagine. As a result, eCommerce images look better than ever.

How do I edit photos to sell online?

First, select an appropriate photo editing software. Usually, Adobe Photoshop is a good bet. Then, make the following adjustments: 
Crop and resize to the required size
Remove the background
Correct colors
Remove blemishes
Optimize for the eCommerce store as required (size, resolution)

Why is photo editing so important for eCommerce?

eCommerce image editing improves product visibility and attracts customers. In addition, well-edited product photos increase trust and credibility in the brand and enhance the overall customer experience.

What is the cost of eCommerce photo editing?

It depends on the company/individual, the type of service, the number of images, and other factors. Do your research to ensure the best pricing-to-quality ratio.

How long does it take to retouch and edit a product photo?

The average eCommerce photo editing task takes around 10 minutes. However, depending on the complexity, the time may increase.

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