Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments that you’ll cherish forever. Capturing these precious memories through photography is essential to relive those special moments for years to come. Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool that can help you enhance your wedding photos with ease, and the best part is, you can download preset Lightroom wedding gratis for PC! In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of downloading free wedding presets for Lightroom on your PC and how to use them to make your wedding photos truly shine.

Understanding Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are pre-saved editing settings that can be applied to your photos with a single click. They allow you to achieve a specific look or style for your photos, saving you time and effort in post-processing. Wedding presets are specifically designed to enhance wedding photos, bringing out the romantic ambiance, vibrant colors, and intimate moments captured on your special day.

How to Download Preset Lightroom Wedding Gratis PC?

  1. Find a Trusted Source: Look for reputable websites or photographers offering free wedding presets for Lightroom. Websites like PresetLove, FixThePhoto, or FilterGrade often have free presets available for download.
  2. Download the Preset: Once you’ve found the right preset for your wedding photos, click on the download button or follow the provided instructions to get the preset file (.lrtemplate or .xmp).
  3. Install the Preset:
    • For .lrtemplate Files: Open Adobe Lightroom, go to the Develop module, and look for the Presets panel on the left-hand side. Right-click on User Presets and choose Import. Locate the downloaded .lrtemplate file and click Import.
    • For .xmp Files: Open Adobe Lightroom Classic, go to the Develop module, and look for the Presets panel on the left-hand side. Right-click on User Presets and choose Import. Locate the downloaded .xmp file and click Import.
  4. Apply the Preset: Select a wedding photo, click on the imported preset, and watch as your photo is transformed into a stunning masterpiece!

Benefits of Using Free Wedding Presets for Lightroom

  1. Time-Saving: Enhance multiple wedding photos in seconds with just one click.
  2. Consistent Look: Achieve a cohesive and professional look across all your wedding photos.
  3. Customizable: While presets offer a starting point, they can be adjusted to suit your unique style and preferences.
  4. Professional Quality: Many free presets are created by professional photographers, ensuring high-quality and stunning results.

Tips for Using Wedding Presets

  • Adjust White Balance: Before applying the preset, ensure the white balance is correct for each photo’s lighting conditions.
  • Tweak Exposure and Contrast: Depending on the photo, you might need to adjust the exposure and contrast slightly after applying the preset.
  • Experiment with Different Presets: Don’t hesitate to try different wedding presets to find the one that best suits your wedding photos and style.


Are free wedding presets safe to download?
Yes, free wedding presets from reputable sources are generally safe to download. However, always be cautious and ensure you download from trusted websites to avoid malware or poor-quality presets.

Can I use free wedding presets with any version of Lightroom?
Most free wedding presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC. However, it’s always a good idea to check the compatibility before downloading.

Can I use free wedding presets on my Mac or Windows PC?
Yes, free wedding presets can be used on both Mac and Windows PCs. Simply follow the installation instructions provided above to install the presets on your PC.

How do I uninstall a preset in Lightroom?
To uninstall a preset in Lightroom, go to the Develop module, right-click on the preset you want to delete, and choose Delete.

Can I share my edited photos online after using free presets?
Absolutely! Once you’ve edited your wedding photos using free presets, you can share them online, print them, or use them in any way you like. Just remember to give credit to the preset creator if required.


Downloading preset Lightroom wedding gratis for PC offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance your wedding photos with ease and professionalism, without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to streamline your workflow or a couple wanting to add that extra touch to your wedding photos, downloading and using these free presets can make a significant difference. So, why wait? Dive into the world of free wedding presets for Lightroom, and let your wedding photos shine with beauty and elegance!

This page was last edited on 22 April 2024, at 11:36 am