In the world of eCommerce, the presentation of your products is key to capturing the attention of potential customers. One of the most effective techniques to showcase apparel and clothing is through the use of ghost mannequin photography. However, achieving this look used to be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s where the best ghost mannequin apps come into play. In this article, we will explore the top options available for streamlining this process and achieving stunning, ghost mannequin-style product images.

The Best Ghost Mannequin Apps

Discover the leading ghost mannequin apps and software in the market.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Features: Adobe Photoshop is a household name in the world of photo editing. It provides an array of tools and techniques for creating ghost mannequin effects.
  • Pros: Unmatched flexibility, extensive tutorial resources, and compatibility with various file formats.
  • Cons: Relatively expensive, and may require advanced photo editing skills.


  • Features: Pixlr is an online photo editor that offers a user-friendly interface and various tools for achieving the ghost mannequin effect.
  • Pros: No software installation required, free versions available, and an intuitive interface.
  • Cons: Limited advanced features compared to dedicated software like Adobe Photoshop.


  • Features: Fotor is a user-friendly graphic design and photo editing tool that can help you achieve the ghost mannequin effect.
  • Pros: User-friendly, no prior editing experience required, and accessible on multiple platforms.
  • Cons: Limited in terms of advanced editing compared to more specialized tools.

FAQs On the Best Ghost Mannequin App

Q1: What is a ghost mannequin app?

A1: A ghost mannequin app is a software tool or application that helps you create the illusion of a 3D look in your product images, particularly clothing. It removes the need for a physical mannequin during product photography, streamlining the process.

Q2: Why should I use a ghost mannequin app for my eCommerce business?

A2: Ghost mannequin apps save time and resources by allowing you to create professional-looking product images without the need for an actual mannequin. This can enhance the visual appeal of your products, leading to increased sales.

Q3: Which ghost mannequin app is the best for beginners?

A3: Photoshop and Pixlr are user-friendly options suitable for beginners. They offer a straightforward interface and basic features for achieving the ghost mannequin effect.

Q4: Is Adobe Photoshop the best choice for professional photographers and designers?

A4: Adobe Photoshop is an industry standard and offers the most flexibility and advanced features. It’s a top choice for professionals, but it may have a steeper learning curve.

Q5: Are there any free ghost mannequin apps available?

A5: Yes, Pixlr and Fotor offer free versions with basic features. However, for more advanced and professional work, you may need to consider paid options like Adobe Photoshop.


Creating captivating product images is essential for eCommerce success, and ghost mannequin apps have become indispensable tools for this purpose. The right choice for you depends on your level of expertise, budget, and specific requirements. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, there’s a ghost mannequin app to suit your needs. Experiment with different options to discover the one that best complements your eCommerce endeavors. So, take your product photography to the next level with the best ghost mannequin app that suits your requirements and start boosting your online store’s visual appeal today!

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