Welcoming a newborn into the world is an indescribable joy, and many parents seek to capture those precious moments through professional newborn photo shoots. However, determining the optimal age for a newborn photo session can be a perplexing decision. In this guide, we’ll explore the factors to consider and help you decide what age is best for capturing those timeless memories.

Choosing the Right Age For a Newborn Photo Shoot

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is a magical experience, and choosing the right age for a newborn photo shoot adds an extra layer of joy to the adventure. The age at which you capture these fleeting moments can significantly impact the style and essence of the photos, making it a decision worth thoughtful consideration.

Newborn Stage (0-14 days)

  • Pros:
    • Babies are usually sleepier and more cooperative during this period.
    • Capture the adorable curled-up poses that showcase their newborn features.
  • Cons:
    • Potential challenges with feeding and adjusting to a new routine.
    • Some parents may prefer waiting until the baby is a bit more settled.

1-2 Months Old

  • Pros:
    • Babies are more alert, making for engaging and expressive photos.
    • Begin to capture the first social smiles and eye contact.
  • Cons:
    • May not be as flexible for certain posed shots.
    • Sleep patterns can still be unpredictable.

2-4 Months Old

  • Pros:
    • Increased head control allows for a variety of adorable setups.
    • Capture the beginning of interactive expressions and babbling.
  • Cons:
    • Some babies may experience teething discomfort.
    • Limited ability to sit unassisted.


Q1: Is it safe to have a photo shoot with a newborn?

A1: Yes, professional newborn photographers are trained to prioritize safety. They use techniques like composite imaging for certain poses and maintain a comfortable environment for the baby.

Q2: Can I include siblings in the newborn photo shoot?

A2: Absolutely! Including siblings can add a beautiful familial touch to the photos. Discuss this with your photographer beforehand to ensure a smooth session.

Q3: What should my baby wear for the photo shoot?

A3: Many parents prefer simple, timeless outfits or choose to capture their baby in a cozy swaddle or even in their birthday suit. Discuss wardrobe options with your photographer ahead of time.

Q4: How long does a newborn photo shoot typically last?

A4: The duration can vary, but most newborn sessions last between 2-4 hours. This allows time for feeding, soothing, and capturing a variety of poses. You can receive the raw images immediately, or opt for photo editing for more polished shots.

Q5: When should I schedule the photo shoot?

A5: It’s advisable to book your session during pregnancy, preferably in the second trimester. This ensures availability and allows your photographer to plan accordingly.


Ultimately, the best age for a newborn photo shoot depends on your preferences and the style of photos you desire. Whether you choose the sleepy poses of the first few weeks or the alert expressions of later months, a skilled photographer can help you create lasting memories. Discuss your preferences with your chosen professional to ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience.

This page was last edited on 28 January 2024, at 4:00 pm