Invisible mannequins, also known as ghost mannequins, have become essential tools in the fashion and e-commerce industries. These specialized mannequins allow for a clean, professional presentation of clothing items, showcasing garments in a way that makes them appear as though they are floating or being worn by an invisible model. This article delves into the world of invisible mannequins, exploring their purpose, benefits, and how they contribute to effective product photography.

Introduction to Invisible Mannequins

Invisible mannequins are specially designed mannequins used primarily in the fashion industry to photograph clothing. These mannequins are constructed in such a way that they can be easily edited out of the final image, leaving only the garment. This technique creates the illusion that the clothing is being worn by an invisible person, which helps customers visualize how the garment would look when worn.

The Evolution of Product Photography

The need for better product presentation has driven the evolution of product photography. Initially, simple mannequins or flat lays were used, but these methods didn’t effectively showcase the fit and form of the clothing. Invisible mannequins have revolutionized this aspect, providing a more realistic and appealing way to display garments.

Types of Invisible Mannequins

  1. Full Body Mannequins: These are used for displaying entire outfits, including tops, bottoms, and accessories.
  2. Torso Mannequins: Ideal for tops, dresses, and jackets, providing a clear view of the upper body fit.
  3. Leg Forms: Perfect for showcasing pants, shorts, skirts, and leggings.

Benefits of Using Invisible Mannequins

Invisible mannequins offer numerous advantages that make them a preferred choice for clothing photography.

Professional Presentation

Using invisible mannequins provides a professional and polished look to product images. This helps in enhancing the brand’s image and attracting potential customers.

Enhanced Visualization

Customers can better visualize how the clothing will look when worn, thanks to the 3D representation that invisible mannequins provide. This improves the online shopping experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and potentially increasing sales.


Invisible mannequins are highly versatile, allowing for the photography of a wide range of garments, from casual wear to formal attire. They can also be adjusted to show different angles and styles.

How to Use an Invisible Mannequin for Photography

Setting Up the Mannequin

  1. Choose the Right Mannequin: Select a mannequin that suits the type of clothing you are photographing.
  2. Dress the Mannequin: Carefully put the garment on the mannequin, ensuring it is well-fitted and free of wrinkles.
  3. Adjust and Pin: Use pins to adjust the garment for a perfect fit, making sure it looks natural and appealing.

Photography Tips

  1. Lighting: Ensure proper lighting to highlight the garment’s features without causing harsh shadows.
  2. Angles: Take multiple shots from different angles to provide a comprehensive view of the garment.
  3. Editing: Use photo editing software to remove the mannequin, enhancing the ghost effect.

Choosing the Right Invisible Mannequin

Material and Durability

Invisible mannequins come in various materials such as fiberglass, plastic, and metal. Choose one that is durable and suitable for your specific needs.

Size and Fit

Ensure the mannequin’s size matches the clothing sizes you typically photograph. This will save time and effort in adjusting garments during photoshoots.

Ease of Assembly

Some mannequins are easier to assemble and disassemble than others. Choose one that offers convenience and flexibility for your workflow.

FAQs about Invisible Mannequins

What is the primary purpose of an invisible mannequin?

The primary purpose of an invisible mannequin is to provide a professional and realistic presentation of clothing items, making them appear as though they are worn by an invisible person. This helps customers visualize the fit and style of the garment.

How do invisible mannequins differ from regular mannequins?

Invisible mannequins are designed to be easily edited out of photos, creating a ghost effect. Regular mannequins are not intended for such edits and usually remain visible in the final images.

Can invisible mannequins be used for all types of clothing?

Yes, invisible mannequins are versatile and can be used for a wide range of clothing, including tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear. Different types of invisible mannequins are available to suit various garments.

Are there any specific techniques for photographing with invisible mannequins?

Yes, proper lighting, careful dressing, and strategic pinning are essential techniques. Additionally, post-processing is crucial to remove the mannequin and perfect the ghost effect.

How much do invisible mannequins cost?

The cost of invisible mannequins varies based on size, material, and quality. Prices can range from $200 to $1,000 or more, depending on the features and durability required.


Invisible mannequins are invaluable tools in the fashion and e-commerce industries, providing a sophisticated way to present clothing items. They enhance product visualization, improve customer experience, and contribute to higher sales conversions. By understanding the benefits and proper usage of invisible mannequins, businesses can significantly enhance their product photography and overall brand presentation.

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