Newborn photography is a cherished way to capture the early moments of a baby’s life, but parents often wonder if one month is too old for those adorable newborn pictures. Let’s explore the considerations around the optimal timeframe for newborn photography and whether one month is too late to capture those precious early moments.

The Optimal Timeframe for Newborn Pictures

  1. Within the First Two Weeks: The consensus among photographers is that the best time for newborn pictures is within the first two weeks of a baby’s life.
  2. Curling Poses and Sleepiness: During this period, babies are more likely to curl up naturally, sleep deeply, and tolerate the posing that is often characteristic of newborn photography.
  3. Preserving Newborn Features: Capturing pictures within the first two weeks helps preserve the delicate features of a newborn, such as their tiny fingers, toes, and the softness of their skin.

Challenges at One Month

  1. Reduced Sleepiness: As babies grow, they tend to be more alert and less likely to sleep deeply, making it challenging to achieve those classic posed newborn shots.
  2. Increased Awareness: Babies at one month may become more aware of their surroundings, making them less cooperative during extended photography sessions.

Still Possible and Beautiful

  1. Capturing Milestones: While the optimal time is within the first two weeks, one month is not too late for capturing beautiful pictures. It’s a time when babies start to exhibit more expressions and begin to engage with the world.
  2. Lifestyle Photography: One-month-old babies might be more suited for lifestyle photography and image editing, capturing candid moments with the family rather than intricate posed shots.

Considerations for One-Month Photography

  1. Choosing the Right Photographer: A skilled photographer experienced with older newborns can still create beautiful images in one month.
  2. Natural Expressions: One-month-old babies often display more expressions, making it an excellent time for capturing their emerging personalities.


Is one month too late for posed newborn pictures?

While the optimal time is within the first two weeks, skilled photographers can still create beautiful posed shots in one month.

What are the alternatives for one-month-old photography?

Lifestyle photography, capturing natural interactions and expressions, is a wonderful alternative for one-month-old babies.

Will my baby still look like a newborn at one month?

Babies change rapidly, but skilled photographers can capture the essence of their early features in one month.

How should I prepare for a one-month-old photography session?

Ensure the baby is well-fed and comfortable, have any props or outfits ready, and communicate with the photographer about your preferences.

Can I still get those adorable curled-up poses in one month?

While more challenging, skilled photographers can work with one-month-olds to capture natural and comfortable poses.


While the first two weeks are considered the optimal time for newborn pictures, one month is by no means too late. Skilled photographers can adapt to the changing needs of slightly older newborns, capturing their emerging personalities and creating beautiful, lasting memories for families.

This page was last edited on 20 February 2024, at 2:13 pm