In the competitive world of real estate, captivating property photos can make all the difference. A well-edited image can highlight the best features of a property, attract potential buyers, and ultimately lead to quicker sales. But achieving that perfect look straight out of the camera can be challenging. This is where Lightroom presets come in handy. In this article, we’ll explore the realm of free Lightroom presets tailored specifically for real estate photography, helping you enhance your property images effortlessly.

What Are Lightroom Presets?

For those unfamiliar with Lightroom presets, they are pre-defined settings for Adobe Lightroom that enable you to apply specific adjustments to your photos with just one click. These adjustments can range from exposure and contrast tweaks to color grading and sharpening. Presets are an invaluable tool for photographers aiming to streamline their editing process and achieve consistent results across their real estate portfolio.

Why Use Presets for Real Estate Photography?

Real estate photography demands high-quality, consistent, and visually appealing images that showcase properties in the best possible light. Using presets can help you achieve this by:

  • Saving Time: Presets allow you to quickly apply a desired look to your photos without spending hours on manual editing.
  • Maintaining Consistency: Consistent editing across all property images creates a cohesive look, making your portfolio more professional and appealing.
  • Highlighting Property Features: Presets can emphasize the best features of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Where to Find Free Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography?

Finding the right Lightroom presets for real estate photography can be a game-changer. Here are some reliable sources where you can download high-quality presets for free:

  1. Adobe’s Official Website: Adobe occasionally offers free presets tailored for various photography genres, including real estate.
  2. PresetLove: This website offers a curated collection of free Lightroom presets, with several options designed specifically for real estate photography.
  3. A treasure trove of free presets, including those perfect for enhancing your real estate photos.
  4. Sleeklens: While Sleeklens primarily offers premium presets, they also have a selection of free presets available for download, including some designed for real estate photography.

How to Install and Use Real Estate Presets in Lightroom?

Installing and using Lightroom presets is a breeze:

  1. Download the Preset: After downloading your chosen preset, unzip the file to reveal the preset file (usually with a .lrtemplate or .xmp extension).
  2. Open Lightroom: Launch Adobe Lightroom and navigate to the Develop module.
  3. Import the Preset: Right-click on the “Presets” folder in the Presets panel and choose “Import”. Locate the preset file on your computer and select it.
  4. Apply the Preset: Select the property photo you wish to edit, then click on the imported preset in the Presets panel to apply it instantly.


Are free Lightroom presets safe to download?
Yes, as long as you download from reputable sources such as Adobe’s official website, PresetLove,, or Sleeklens.

Can I customize free Lightroom presets?
Absolutely! While presets offer a quick starting point, you can further adjust and customize the settings to suit the specific needs of each property photo.

Do I need Adobe Lightroom to use these presets?
Yes, Lightroom is required to use Lightroom presets. Adobe offers a subscription-based model for Lightroom, but you can also use the free Lightroom Mobile app on mobile devices to apply presets.

Are there presets specifically designed for interior shots?
Yes, many preset collections include options tailored for interior photography, helping you showcase the interiors of properties in the best light.

Can I use these presets for commercial real estate listings?
It depends on the license agreement provided with each preset. Some presets may be free for personal use only, while others allow for commercial use.


Free Lightroom presets for real estate photography are a fantastic resource for photographers aiming to enhance their property images with ease and consistency. Whether you’re a professional real estate photographer or an agent looking to improve your property listings, these presets can help you achieve stunning results while saving time on editing. With numerous options available online, finding the perfect preset to elevate your real estate photos has never been easier. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your property listings stand out from the crowd!

This page was last edited on 22 April 2024, at 11:36 am