Payment System

Retouching Labs accepts various payment solutions that allow you to pay however you prefer. Pay Retouching Labs for our services using PayPal, Credit & Debit cards, or Bank Transfers. Global clients pay either monthly or per-project basis. After the end of the work, we will send them invoices to pay the payment.

Payment Methods Accepted by Retouching Labs

Retouching Labs support multiple online payment methods, so you can choose your preferred payment types. We have simplified payment processing so the customer experience is seamless regardless of the payment method used. Here is a list of the payment methods we accept for our photo editing services.


Your credit card information is safe with Retouching Labs. We accept major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


PayPal is among the safest, most widely accepted methods for online payments. You can use funds from your bank account or credit with confidence.

Bank Transfer 

Bank Transfers allow you to present your payment via online banking, phone banking, wire transfers, or visiting the bank to complete payment in person using cash.

Retouching Labs Accepts Payments Globally